Are These Altcoins in Your Shopping List for 2022? Check Out the Top Picks by the Investor!

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2021 was a great year for the cryptocurrency market with various ups and downs. Popular investor and professor Adam Cochran puts out a list of coins that will outperform in 2022 and also his thesis alongside the list.


As promised, here’s my 2022 outperform shopping list and my 2022 thesis.

Let’s breakdown what this is, why these assets, and how I approach this, and then the bullcase for each individual asset.

— Adam Cochran (@adamscochran) December 30, 2021

For lack of any better naming convention, these are his top picks for 2022 that he thinks will outperform and continue strong.

They are basically things that I buy, stake/lock, forget about for a decade, and buy an island with.

The analyst’s top tier consists of four assets that are Ethereum, Yearn Finance, Curve, and Keep. 

As for Ethereum, he says that it is an obvious pick and says that ETH 2.0 drives huge economic cycles.

“This prediction for ETH 2.0 to really create a huge upcycle in price was also before EIP-1559 was implemented and so this just becomes tenfold.”

Coming to YFI Price he said that their growth, external revenue ($100M~/year) (with no incentives), changing token model, upcoming buybacks ($45M) and use case makes him think they will break their ATH this year.

The third one in the top tier, Curve, said that he was early into CVX and has called it a “kingmaker” of Defi.

“I thought that it would likely continue to be strong into 2022 but previously didn’t have it on my outperform list.”

As for the coin Keeper, his General thesis is as follows:

-You are getting two protocols for the price of one.

-FixedForex is basically Andre building Curve for international currencies.

Strong Outperform:

The next category is the strong outperform, according to him, these assets have a key catalyst in 2022 to strongly outperform their peer groups. Many of these assets according to him land hereby being way oversold but driving revenue, a few are growth potential.

In this category the coins are:

Felixo (FLX)(Reflexer)Curve Dao (CRV)Alchemix (ALCX)Balancer (BAL)Ocx (ZRX)Frax Share (FXS)Ribbon finance (RBN)

The analyst also said Mina, VRA, NEAR aren’t on his list and will all underperform. The analyst has various other categories on his “shopping list” which you can check out here.

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