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5 weeks above $50k

During Bitcoin’s 2017 $20k parabolic top, the market gave us just 12 full trading days to sell above $15k before sellers took control. This week in Crypto This previous week has been characterized by more sideways consolidation of Bitcoin, which has the distinctive feel of re-accumulation by investors as dips have been bought up quickly and on-chain […]

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency With A Self-Directed IRA

Many people struggle to comprehend cryptocurrency and digital assets since they are intangible. However, investors who have a thorough understanding of cryptocurrencies and want to invest in them through their investment plans will do so through a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA). Cryptocurrency allows people to exchange goods and services across borders without the need for […]

$COIN — it’s only the beginning

$COIN — it’s only the beginning By Brian Armstrong, Co-founder and CEO Today Coinbase is listing on Nasdaq. A decade of work and so many people brought us here. This includes every Coinbase employee, focused for years on building a financial system that’s free, fair, and open to everyone. It also includes you, the 56 million people who […]