Batman artist teams up with Vorto Gaming to create comic NFT collection

Neal Adams, the celebrated comic book artist behind the images and storyline for the modern-day batman, Green Lantern, and others from the Marvel and DC Comics brands, has partnered with Vorto Gaming in order to create an exclusive comic book and NFT collection. 

The partnership entails Adams creating a bespoke comic book around Hash Rush, Vorto Gaming’s first game, to be released on the Vorto Network gaming platform later this year. 

Adams will create a storyline, set in the Hermeian Galaxy, which includes new and existing characters for the Hash Rush game. He has a wealth of experience from his role in creating stories and visuals for a number of DC Comics and Marvel hits including Superman and the X-Men. 

He will work in tandem with fellow artist Mikael Bergkvist, who has been mentored by Adams for quite a number of years. 

For fans and gamers who are looking to purchase the comic books, there is a sign-up at Rush play test phase. This is now open to registrants, where a limited number of the comic book NFTs will be available for purchase. 

Kris Vaivods, CEO of Vorto Gaming said of the partnership: 

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, Neal helped revolutionise the comic book industry in the same way we are looking to innovate the gaming industry. This partnership is a signal of our intent as a gaming organisation to make amazing content, assets and NFTs available for the wider gaming community – a key objective of Vorto Gaming and our mission to create a more democratic culture and environment for gamers all over the world. Neal is a true trailblazer and to partner with someone of his experience and reputation is an inspiration.” 

Adams played a major role in creating the dark and brooding, modern-day persona of Batman, as seen portrayed in the films featuring Christian Bale and Ben Afleck. A new film called ‘The Batman’, yet to be screened, will star Robert Pattinson. 

Neal Adams said of the collaboration: 

“Gaming is without doubt the most innovative entertainment industry of the past decade and is shaping so many different aspects of our culture. We’re moving into a period in history where we are spending as much time exploring digital, imaginary worlds as we are living in this one. Comic books were always a transportation tool – taking us to another place, to experience another story, even just for a moment. Hash Rush is no different and I’m looking forward to sharing this story with the world.” 

If the collaboration is successful, there are plans for more Hash Rush comics and also a possible Hash Rush movie. Details on when the comic and NFT series will be available are to be released in the next few weeks. 

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