Become A Play to Earn God In This Cross-Chain Epic.

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When it comes to online gaming, who doesn’t love a PVP brawl? Countless players compete for a common goal, typically relying on the collaborative team play for a share of a single bounty should they reign victorious.

I myself love multiplayer PVP, nothing beats hopping into discord with my fellow Horde with the sole aim of annihilating the Alliance in Alterac Valley.

I also love single-player combat where my skills are single-handedly responsible for the outcome and that is why I am so excited about the upcoming release of this solo blockchain crusade, where your only allies are quick wit, cunning, and a sense for bloodlust and $GULL (gold in Norwegian). 

Think Game of Thrones meets Vikings, this initially single-player project allows NFT holders to journey back to 9th century AD and relive mythical Nordic conquests in a 1v1 winner takes all gameplay, expect to triumph over land and accumulate riches with every conquest, welcome to PolyGod.

Driven by a fully doxed team, both a comprehensive and ambitious long-term roadmap, PolyGod ( is set to pave the way for PVP gameplay on the Polygon network; in fact, bridging technology provides users with a one-stop solution to seamlessly exchange tokens between BSC and Polygon enhances user experience in a secure and decentralized way.

With 10 divisions to choose from each boasting its own set of powers and special abilities, you can commence earning trophies, XP, mining $MYNT (COINS in Norwegian), real money, and most importantly, glory in the arena, just by holding a PolyGod NFT.

Investors can choose from a starter pack or trait-based buy-in ranging from $100 – $1,600, not to mention drastically lower gas fees than the Ethereum blockchain, PolyGod has the potential to push the boundaries when it comes to both simulated and real-time multiplayer gameplay.

According to “during the second quarter of 2021, the number of active wallets interacting with blockchain games increased 599% when compared to the previous quarter.

Rapid advances in blockchain technology and consumer demand for the next big thing puts PolyGod in good stead for a successful launch, especially when you consider gameplay evolution and passive income potential. 

As you upgrade your players skills and abilities with XP and $MYNT, gain courage and confidence in the 1v1 tower eradication gameplay, you can then P2E in weekly and monthly tournaments, with prize pools scaling from $95 on a $20 buy in to $3,800 on a $100 buy-in.

Investors can expect a percent cut on every game played on the PolyGod platform, weekly NFT’s released and sold, character tuning, packages, contract and many more.

Essentially, the more games you play, the more XP and $MYNT can be earned, generating value and personal profit via gamification.

PolyGod’s full-fledged virtual gameplay combining elements from collectible card

games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena allows for limitless gaming scenarios. With NFT bundles on offer from January, you’ll have all the characters, badges, and towers required to wreak havoc on your enemy. 

By utilizing both RNG (random number generator) and Genetic algorithms, PolyGod drives curiosity and risk through randomness, preventing gameplay from becoming stale and rewarding players for consistent participation.

Aligned with the developer’s long-term vision and desire to dominate the crypto gaming industry, the project’s roadmap and whitepaper ignites confidence in the project which should naturally equate to further investment and early adoption.

By combining beloved NFT avatars and action-packed gameplay, PolyGod appears to be ticking all the boxes by delivering what the people want, high end gameplay with reward and remuneration.

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