Biggest Star Wars NFT Collection For Fans on May 4th

Geroge Lucas’s epic battle set in space is now 44 years old, with many tens of movies and TV series being released, in what has become a pop classic and a fabric of culture for many. On top of this Star Wars has created a merchandising empire, with many thousands of people globally buying licensed Star Wars memorabilia and collectibles. This came about as a result of George Lucas changing the concept of licensing deals for ever. Star Wars toys have become extremely collectible, with their value soaring after some years.

Stars Wars Collectibles Merge With the Blockchain

Skip forward to 2021 and the modern age of collectibles, which see Stars Wars embracing the NFT culture. NFTs are non fungible tokens, often pieces of art or collectible items represented by digital code on the blockchain, with every item verified and authenticated trustlessly. Now Star Wars memorabilia is being released as one-of-a-kind NFTs, each offered for auction as digital collectibles by StarColl, an NFT marketplace for important Star Wars items.

This release will see more than 800 limited edition Star Wars collectible items up for auction on the Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain, which will include original items from scenes in the movies. 

Every Star Wars NFT that features on StarColl marketplace is collateralized by actual Star Wars items including Darth Vader’s helmet, the light saber and the Millenium Falcon. The new owner of each NFT will see their name and the NFT data appearing alongside the piece as the exhibition travels the globe.

Users who want to be in with a chance to bid for these special items, can register on StarColl from 4 May (May the 4th Be With You), a special day for those in the know. This is Star Wars Day, and the day fans and collectors celebrate everything Star Wars.

QANplatform Blockchain Technology

All of these NFTs are secured by QAN blockchain technology, which makes them impossible to steal and impervious to being copied into meme format. QAN offers a quantum security add-on, which secures data transactions against even quantum computer attacks. QAN which stands for Quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform is a place for developers to quickly create their own decentralized apps, safely and with speed. QAN private blockchain code is free and open-source, which means flexibility and transparency for developers. This provides maximal flexibility and transparency to both developers and enterprises. QANplatform deploys cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Linode.

StarColl For Stars Wars Collectors and Fans

StarColl is the custom built NFT marketplace for the largest collection of unique Star Wars collectors items as NFTs. This event will see over 800 items becoming available to fans as non fungible tokens which imbue ownership upon the winning bidder. These will compete with physical Star Wars memorabilia, including George Lucas’ Episode IV  Panavision Camera which eventually sold for an astonishing $625,000, and the second most costly piece, a Miniature Episode IV TIE fighter, which sold for $402,400. How will the NFT prices fare against the tangible memorabilia? You can watch the auction and take part from the 4th May 2021 on StarColl.

May the crypto be with you!

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