Bitcoin Card Game Bitopoly Launches

The new card game Bitopoly gives players an entertaining way to learn about the history, technology and culture of Bitcoin.

A new card game called Bitopoly, which is designed to introduce players to the history, technology and culture of Bitcoin, has been launched.

“Bitopoly is a two- to five-player game where players compete and collaborate to accumulate bitcoin,” according to a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine. “Players accumulate bitcoin with miners, attack and defend themselves with action cards and weather volatile market conditions. The goal is to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible — by any means necessary.”

The game includes a deck of playing cards, dice and access to open-source instructions via QR code. A game typically lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, according to the creators. Videos from the game’s website indicate that players draw action cards with titles like “$5 Wrench Attack,” “Margin Call” and “Boating Accident.”

“Bitopoly is designed to introduce people to bitcoin the most entertaining way possible — through a game,” per the release.

The launch of the game will include 500 first editions, which will be followed by second edition versions. Bitopoly was created by Will Reeves, creator of bitcoin rewards app Fold, and designed by Natasha Meir.

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