Blockstream announces the acquisition of Adamant Capital

Blockstream has announced the acquisition of Bitcoin Hedge Fund manager Adamant Capital. Adamant Capital was founded by market analyst and renowned Bitcoin investor Tuur Demeester. 

The acquisition will help Blockstream in laying the foundation of their newest division, Blockstream Finance. Blockstream Finance aims to deliver Bitcoin Investment products on the liquid network.

An Advisory Role

Tuur Demeester will stay on with Blockstream Finance as an advisor, with Blockstream looking to his experience and insights to help usher in the next generation of financial products.

The current VP of financial products will helm Blockstream Finance at Blockstream, Jesse Knutson. Knutson is a veteran of the banking industry and will oversee all future product launches.

A Strong Following In The Bitcoin Community

Adamant Capital was among the first fund managers that saw the potential of Bitcoin. As a result, it championed the cryptocurrency and saw its potential as a solid investment.

This saw Adamant Capital garner a significant following in the Bitcoin community, and it became well known for its detailed reports and accurate forecast of price trends. In addition, adamant Capital’s benchmark product produced a yield for hodlers, without a performance fee for the price appreciation in the underlying Bitcoin.

A Launchpad for Innovative Products

Blockstream hopes that Blockstream Finance can act as a launchpad for innovative Bitcoin investment products like the just-launched Blockstream Mining Note (BMN)

BMN offers investors exposure to bitcoin mining, coupled with the tradeability of a security token. This makes it an excellent asset for exposure to bitcoin, as mining has always been indifferent towards market timing when compared to the traditional strategy of buy-and-hold. It also minimizes price volatility in the short term.

About Blockstream

Blockstream was founded in 2014 and has become the leader in providing blockchain technology, cryptography, and distributed systems. In addition, Blockstream is creating the financial infrastructure that will power the future. The team focuses on building crypto-financial infrastructure based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Blockstream utilizes cutting-edge technology, cryptography, and security engineering to make financial markets more secure and efficient by reducing the reliance on trust. In addition, Blockstream focuses on delivering scalable solutions, strengthening Bitcoin’s ecosystem and protocol.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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