Breez, Voltage Partner To Offer Lightning Nodes To Podcasters

Breez has announced that Voltage will help manage Lightning nodes for its integrated podcasting network.

After its recent integration of a native podcasting network, the Breez Lightning client has announced that it is partnering with Lightning Network node hosting platform Voltage to give podcasters more seamless connectivity to the Layer 2 network.

“While podcasting requires both listeners and podcasters, the two groups have different technical needs, and our mobile Lightning platform (predictably) serves the listeners better than the creators,” Breez’s Roy Sheinfeld explained in an announcement post. “Voltage offers exactly what podcasters need: Lightning nodes with ceaseless connectivity and minimal configuration, which is why Breez has partnered with them to deliver podcaster nodes.”

While Voltage will provide Tor-enabled Lightning nodes that are updating and maintained for Breez podcasters, Breez will ensure that those nodes have one-million-sat channels with sufficient inbound liquidity and successful payment routing. With some of the technical burden of maintaining Lightning nodes and channels out of the way, the goal is to ensure that podcasters can be directly compensated for their content by listeners via the Lightning Network, without the need for intermediary advertising networks.

In the weeks since Breez announced the podcasting network, it has seen enthusiasm from users.

“Adding podcasts to Breez has turned out to be such a big hit with listeners that finding a way to help podcasters get started seemed like a natural — and necessary — extension,” Sheinfeld told Bitcoin Magazine. “Adding our Lightning service provider services to Voltage’s low-config, reliable nodes lets us onboard podcasters with the least friction imaginable. This collaboration is in perfect harmony with our platform’s philosophy.”

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