Cardano CEO: May Will Be A Big Month For Us As We Are Now Leading The PoS World

The last few months of Cardano included Updates, upgrades, improvements, and implementations. Cardano seems to be pretty much sticking to their roadmap.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, spoke about Cardano’s plans in the coming days in his latest video.

He said,

“May is a big month for us. We went through a huge amount of internal testing.”

Plutus pioneers are currently training more than 1,500 people to deploy code on a test network.

Hoskinson said:

“The integration of Plutus with Node is going very well. The teams are working well. We are where we need to be.

Mithril and the new Hydra prototype are expected to be unveiled by the end of this month. Mithril is Cardano’s lightweight client protocol, and Hoskinson stressed that it was a “high priority” for him. Light clients are usually upgraded to a full node.

Hoskinson added:

“You can get a pooled data stream from the state pool operators, or you can have a central server, or you can improve the crypto a little bit and use much more sophisticated cryptographic primitives.”

The IOHK CEO also drew attention to a $1.5 million budget to increase the scale of prototyping for his Omega team. According to the roadmap, the main goal of the Omega version is to achieve a speed of one thousand transfers per second. This will create a scalable ecosystem on the network and protect it from 51% attacks.

Hoskinson exclaimed:

“We are now leading the PoS world. I think we are the most advanced of all PoS protocols.”

Hoskinson also said that Cardano will expand its research commitments. In the near future, they will probably invest about $9 million in the creation of specialized labs.

Watch Video:

Originally published at on May 7, 2021.

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