Chainlink Community Advocates Receive Grant For Academy

Chainlink has today announced that it has awarded its community advocates, Zak Ayesh and Cole Gendreau, with a grant to develop the new interactive coding platform, Chainlink Academy.

The notable oracle said in its blog post:

“We’re excited to announce that Chainlink Community Advocates Cole Gendreau and Zak Ayesh have been awarded a grant to build Chainlink Academy. Both Cole and Zak are long-time members of the Chainlink community and active participants in the Chainlink Advocates Program.”

 Grant Program supports Community Content Developer

Development teams and researchers, as well as talented developers, are encouraged to apply to the grant program, which avails the financial resources necessary to build and expand the Chainlink Network. Approved participants in the Chainlink Grant Program will receive their awards in the form of Cash and/or LINK, as per the company’s recent blog post.

How do participants benefit?

According to the blog post, new developers can rely on the open-source library of resources Chainlink Academy provides to build decentralized applications — which entail both external inputs and outputs— starting from scratch. Therefore, Chainlink is acting as a gateway for accessing real-world data and systems by reducing the barrier that developers face when learning to launch universally connected smart contracts. In the near future, as technologies continue to evolve, the resource is poised to become critical in smart contract applications development, thereby enabling more developers to migrate from the Web2.0 to the Web3.0 framework. 

 Distribution of the Grant resources

Being long-time LINK community members, Cole and Zak have been tasked to empower the rest of the community, consisting of a vast network of talented coders and engineers. Chainlink also revealed that they are expected to offer the community various resources encapsulated into courses as follows:

  • Beginner developer courses: introduces Chainlink’s distributed ledgers and the oracle system to learners. Users will get certificates upon completion of the course, as long as they are able to construct applications that operate specific tasks.
  • Additional standalone course modules: Furnishes developers with more complex topics, like Chainlink’s multiple client versions, Utilizing Price Feeds, privacy-preserving oracle technology, as well as other scaling solutions.
  • An educational website and open-source resource hub: These are developer tutorials, step-by-step how-to guides, and interactive coding exercises that provide useful information relating to Chainlink.

 Chainlink Grant to accelerate smart contract adoption 

The company has emphasised that it will use its Community Grants program to empower more teams and researchers, in an effort to spur rapid growth of the Chainlink ecosystem. It therefore appears that this recent grant is part of an ongoing community-oriented strategy to foster Chainlink development from a ground-up level. 

Commenting on the grant, Cole Grendreau said;

“As a long-time believer in Chainlink and its power to vastly extend the utility of smart contracts, I’m excited to receive a Chainlink Community grant to further accelerate its adoption by new developers.”

Zak Ayesh added to this excitement by saying;

 “I’m thrilled to be awarded a Chainlink grant to generate critical resources necessary to support the influx of new developers coming into the smart contract space.

This latest grant comes amidst a lot of excitement around the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and with the Altcoin market experiencing some impressive recent growth, expect to see more projects releasing similar initiatives to foster the growth of their technologies. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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