Charlie Bit My finger NFT Sale Makes Headlines And Sets New Record

Charlie Bit My Finger set the record for the largest NFT sale of a viral video this weekend on Origin’s NFT Launchpad. Over 883 million people saw the original video on YouTube, and billions of additional views on other platforms have made Charlie Bit My Finger the most-viewed viral video on the internet. 

A Unique 1-of-1 NFT 

Charlie Bit My finger was auctioned off as a unique 1-of-1 NFT and broke all previous records for a meme-as-NFT sale. The previous record was set by Nyan Cat and stood at $580,000 and Disaster Girl, which was around $500,000. Charlie Bit My Finger was auctioned at $760,000 despite testing market conditions and the price of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in freefall. 

NFTs Are Not A Flash In The Pan 

The record-breaking auction proved that NFTs are here to stay and not a passing fad while also cementing Origin’s NFT Launchpad as a leader of direct-to-fan NFT auctions. As a result, origin has successfully disrupted the ownership and distribution of digital content, with implications for online communities, content creators, and consumers. 

Record-Breaking Participation And Coverage 

Hundreds of participants took part in the bidding room, with more celebrating the drop live on Clubhouse. The bidding was won by 3FMusic, a well-respected and prominent Dubai-based NFT collector and music producer. The event generated headlines and coverage on several platforms, both on TV and Radio. Some of the platforms that covered the event were Good Morning America, CBS, CNBC, ABC, Fox News, KTLA, CNN, BBC, NPR.

It was covered in print in The New York Times, USA Today, Time Magazine, LA Times, Rolling Stone, New York Post, Daily Mail, Yahoo!, Fox Business, Hypebeast. It was also covered by Coinbase and also got significant regional coverage around the world. 

Making History 

It is rare for a digital asset to generate such a significant amount of press. The Davies-Carr family and the stars of the video, Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr, grew up with YouTube as the creator platform. 

Now, they are ushering in the next generation of creator platforms with the Origin NFT Launchpad. The Davies-Carr family will delete the video from YouTube, reinforcing the unique nature and scarcity of the 1-of-1 NFT. 

Potential Controversy 

Since Charlie Bit My Finger is an extremely popular video on the internet, there was a bit of controversy among viewers and commentators about the deletion of the video from YouTube and whether it was the right way to promote NFTs. The Davies-Carr family has left it to the auction winner to decide the fate of the YouTube version of Charlie Bit My Finger. 

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