ChatGPT’s Bold Prediction: Bitgert Coin Set to Reach $0.00001

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While investors and new users are still speculative about Bitgert’s rise and upcoming performance, AI models like ChatGPT is stating positive feedback regarding its future. But, will Bitgert reach the much awaited $0.00001 or is it just a fad?

Bitgert’s Features

There’s a reason why ChatGPT has stated that Bitgert has the potential to reach the $0.00001 mark soon. 

Unlike other crypto coins that are stuck with providing proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms, Bitgert offers proof-of-authority to its investors. The PoA system helps BRISE maintain its ecosystem with zero gas fees and high transaction speed (around 100,000 TPS!). Additionally, the coin’s auto-burn contract and massive coin-burn events have helped it eliminate around 36% of its overall supply. This coin burn has increased both scarcity and demand for BRISE in the market. In fact, the current circulating supply of BRISE, as recorded on April 1, 2024, is 395.69 Trillion.

But how are these factors going to help Bitgert reach the $0.0001 mark? Since there will be a high scarcity of BRISE in the market, investors are bound to buy it due to the FOMO effect. Additionally, with the BEFE presale going on simultaneously, more traders are buying BRISE coins. The reason is that investors can only earn BEFE by staking their Bitgert coins, so there’s a high demand for the latter in the market. Apart from that, BRISE has forged multiple alliances and partnerships with Web 3.0 projects, exchange platforms, and virtual gaming platforms that are fuelling its upward movement. Besides, Bitgert was one of the few coins that sustained the sudden blow of the crypto market in mid-March and maintained its value even in the red zone.

Bitgert’s Performance

Looking into the coin’s current performance, as recorded on April 1, 2024, Bitgert is standing at $0.0000002371, indicating a slight downfall of 0.49% in the past 24 hours. However, Bitgert has enough potential to fight back into the green zone in no time. As per the coin’s weekly and monthly stats, the coin is showing a weekly downfall of 1.65% and a monthly hike of 30.68%. The coin’s current market cap is $94.03 Million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.53 Million.

Final Words

Looking into Bitgert’s past data and current performance, there are high chances of BRISE reaching new heights and crossing its ATH of $0.00000404, recorded on August 13, 2021. However, it is better to wait and watch how Bitgert is going to perform in the near future instead of believing on an AI platform’s statement.

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The post ChatGPT’s Bold Prediction: Bitgert Coin Set to Reach $0.00001 appeared first on Crypto Adventure.