Coinbase expands international payments options for institutional customers

One of our top priorities at Coinbase is to be the most trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy. Coinbase currently offers our institutional clients easy access to the crypto markets through advanced trading and custody technology. But being easy-to-use also means providing a strong set of global fiat payment rails. Starting today institutional customers can access additional trading pairs and payments options through an expansion of supported fiat currencies on Coinbase Exchange.

Until now, many of our global clients have been limited to purchasing crypto in their local currency only. We now offer the fiat rails to enable deposits and withdrawals in USD, EUR, or GBP and access to the related trading pairs. This expansion of supported currencies has been a top request from international clients and has the potential to unlock billions of dollars in trading volume through improved access to major pools of liquidity. Institutional customers will now be able to trade in and out of various currencies regardless of where they are based. This is an important step in Coinbase’s journey towards creating a global trading platform.

“Access to SEN on Coinbase provides us with the flexibility to move USD quickly, keep providing liquidity in fast markets, and take advantage of opportunities” says Morgan Vincent, Head of Trading at Wintermute.

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