Concordium Launches DevX Initiative to Boost Rust Ecosystem

The enterprise-focused blockchain Concordium has announced the launch of an initiative to support developers who want to boost the Rust Ecosystem, offering them workshops, hackathons, and other events to facilitate collaboration.

Concordium’s release of its Rust Smart Contract platform will allow developers to take advantage of the benefits of the security-focused programming language to combine it with the improved security and privacy of the blockchain network.

Developers have always been one of the most important members of the Cryptocurrency industry, driving innovation and the improvements of existing platforms forward by making the vision of multidisciplinary teams into reality

Concordium and the DevX Initiative

With the cryptocurrency ecosystem growing by the day as more organizations and individuals start using the available platforms, security has become increasingly important to protect users.

This has resulted in more crypto projects looking to use programming languages that provide more security than traditional programming languages.

By using functional and imperative programming languages like Haskell or Rust, developers are able to better control how their programs behave and prevent tampering, improving the security of any software they create.

With this initiative, Concordium claims to be aiming at more than just generating open-source projects but fostering a community of developers who can collaborate to become artisans and ontological leaders.

For this reason, the company is not looking to create a whole new community based around its ecosystem but to offer a new way for these existing communities to engage with each other, participating and contributing toward the growth of the Rust ecosystem.

The Initiative’s Approach

According to the announcement, Concordium aims to achieve this by focusing on 3 pillars: Research, code, and community participation. By working around these pillars, not only will the Rust community grow but the Concordium ecosystem will too.

The Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus (COBRA) will be guided by Prof. Bas Spitter to participate in the Rust ecosystem by researching high-assurance cryptographic code generation, contributing to the Hacspec project., and sharing the details of ConCert, among other activities.

Dr. Torben Pedersen (Concordium CTO), Dr. Aleš Bizjak, and Dr. Thomas Dinsdale-Young, on the other hand, will focus on actively participating in open-source Rust projects of interest to the Rust community in general.

Lastly, members of Concordium will be participating in existing Rust conferences and meetups, while also running DevX Rust events and contests of their own to further collaborate with the Rust community and generate a space for innovation to take place

One Success After Another

While Concordium is a young project when compared to established blockchain networks, it has enjoyed increasing success over the past few months as it moves from one milestone to another.

The MVP Concordium Testnet was released back on March 9th of 2021 after a test that saw over 22.4k identities issued and over 7000 accounts created. This success was the main reason behind the launch of the Rust Smart Contract functionality that DevX was built around.

Lone Fonss Schroder, Concordium CEO, referred to the milestone by stating:

“The interest of the community, from RustLang developers, VCs, system integrators, family offices, crypto service providers, and private persons, has been amazing. Concordium has fielded strong demand from DeFi projects looking to build on a blockchain with ID at the protocol level.”

Only one day later, the team behind the project also announced that the company has raised over $15 million via a private sale of tokens, which will be destined to expand the development of the network.

The Concordium Foundation also partnered with Gelly Holding Group earlier this year after signing a Joint venture agreement that would aim to increase the impact o the network in China, one of the economies that have most heavily invested in blockchain technology.

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