Pay Integrates With DeFi Swap: Wider Tokens Use & Liquidity to Follow announced via a Tweet and blog post that it has integrated Pay with their DeFi Swap, which will allow a number of DeFi tokens to be used on the Pay platform. Pay is one of the easiest ways for merchants to enter the crypto payments ecosystem, and just made it easier to make payments in a wider range of tokens.

With a global footprint, Pay is a leading payments provider for crypto holders, and also merchants that want to tap into the crypto markets.

Some of the tokens that will be available for payments are CRO, ETH, WBTC, LINK, and UNI. In addition, if a client uses CRO to make payments, they will receive a 10% discount. expects this tie-up to enhance Swap-Fee Sharing for DeFi Swap Liquidity Providers for every Pay transaction. With the growth of the ecosystem, more clients and merchants can use cryptos for everyday purchases. Brings Utility to Tokens

The days when tokens were difficult to use a means of payment are long gone – and has been an influential part of the solution. Pay clients can now use ETH, LINK, UNI, WBTC, UMA, SWRV, REN, NEST, HBTC, renBTC, CRV, YFI, TRU, FARM, COMP, and AAVE, to pay for anything they like with pay in addition to CRO.

With DeFi gaining traction as not only an investment, but a way to access liquidity, this move may further legitimize DeFi tokens as an asset class that can create returns, and be used for payments in the real world.

Using the Platform is Easy

One of the things that has made Pay so successful is how easy it is to use. Clients can simply scan a QR code, and then choose the token they wish to make the payment with.

Cryptos don’t have to be difficult to use, and has a range of tools that people can use to pay with cryptos.

In addition to Pay, the company offers the MCO Visa Debit card, which allows its users to spend cryptos as cash – anywhere that accepts Visa Debit cards.

Of course, Pay wouldn’t be such an easy to use platform if people had to be in the ecosystem to use it.

Anyone who wants to pay with a Pay merchant, and doesn’t have an account, simply has to connect an external wallet, such as WalletConnect or MetaMask, and swap ERC20 tokens for CRO, which will allow them to finish the payment process.

A Growing Marketplace Pay is widely used by platforms like OpenCart, NopCommerce, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Oveit, and Prestashop – and is also open to merchants in the UK and EU.

In reality, for qualifying merchants, accepting crypto payments with the platform is very easy, and creates synergies that bring together both crypto holders, and the existing financial system that is forced to deal with legacy assets like fiat currency.

A Bright Future for

With a range of options for crypto trading and payments, is well placed to grow with the token markets. Its token, CRO, has been a consistent performer, and also offers its holders the ability to receive discounts across the entire ecosystem.

With more payment options for crypto users, it is likely that Pay will continue to attract top-tier merchants, as well as e-commerce platforms that need a reliable partner who can deal with the multitude of valuable tokens that are gaining wide acceptance.

If you want to learn more about Pay, or the new addition of numerous tokens to the Pay platform, just click right here for more information!

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