CSGOEmpire Review: Is it Legit? Is it Safe to Use? All The Pros & Cons

As one of the earliest pioneers in licensed CS:GO skin gambling, CSGOEmpire has spent over half a decade cultivating a sterling reputation as a secure, transparent platform for provably fair games.

First launched in 2016, CSGOEmpire filled a void in the nascent CS:GO betting scene by emphasizing regulatory compliance and a straightforward, trustworthy user experience focused on core games like roulette, coinflip, and jackpot.

In this review, we’ll analyze every aspect of CSGOEmpire in granular detail – from its suite of classic games, available banking options, and bonuses to the site’s stellar track record on security and service.

Our goal is to provide a complete 360-degree view of CSGOEmpire’s offerings to help players make an informed decision about using this long-tenured CS:GO gambling platform.

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Quick Verdict: With its longstanding reputation for security, fairness and swift payouts, CSGOEmpire remains a top choice for CS:GO skin gambling despite restrictions in certain countries and a limited selection of classic provably fair games like roulette, coinflip and jackpot.

Quick Facts



Launch Year

Ultimatum Dynasty LTD


Roulette, Coinflip, Jackpot, Case Opening, Esports Betting


Fiat Currencies
USD, EUR, etc.

Min Withdrawal
$5 equivalent

Crypto, Skins, G2A Pay

SSL Encryption, 2FA

24/7 Live Chat, Email


Restricted Countries
USA, UK, France


CSGOEmpire Info

Headquartered in Curacao and regulated under an official gambling license, CSGOEmpire adheres to strict audit and compliance standards that strengthen player protections and build legitimacy.

The site also implements top-tier security protocols like mandatory two-factor authentication and uses algorithms to cryptographically verify transparent, random bet outcomes in its games.

While CSGOEmpire’s selection of games remains limited compared to newer entrants, the site continues attracting devoted users through its excellent reputation, generous rewards programs, and best-in-class 24/7 customer support. Players consistently cite flawless deposits and ultra-fast cashouts as standout features.

CSGOEmpire Markets / Games Available


This quintessential casino game is the backbone of CSGOEmpire’s offerings. Players can place bets on colors red/black, even/odd number groups, low/high digits, specific columns containing 12 numbers, and individual numbers. Payouts scale based on rarity – choosing a single number nets a huge 36-1 payout if hit. Players can analyze statistics of previous winning results to inform strategy. Roulette provides approachable gameplay with opportunities for big skins wins.



Featuring straightforward 50/50 odds, Coinflip allows two players to battle head-to-head. Each deposits skins into the pot and chooses heads or tails. The coin flip decides a winner, who claims the entire pool. With its fast-paced matches, Coinflip offers exciting player vs player action with skins changing hands rapidly. The high risk brings chance for even higher rewards.


Match Betting

CSGOEmpire allows bettors to wager on upcoming professional CS:GO matches across tournaments like ESL, BLAST, and majors. Odds and lines are offered on selections like match winners, handicaps, and total maps. While limited compared to esportsbooks, match betting gives knowledgeable CS:GO fans added opportunity to use their analysis of teams and players to potentially profit.

Match Betting

How to Signup

Here are the steps to sign up for an account on CSGOEmpire:

Go to CSGOEmpire.com and click “Register” in the top right corner.
Enter your desired username, password, and a valid email address. Make sure your password is secure.
Complete the captcha challenge to verify you aren’t a bot.
Check your email for a verification link and click to activate your account.
After your account is verified, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.
Download an authenticator app like Google Authenticator and scan the QR code provided.
Enter the 6-digit code displayed in the authenticator app when prompted.
Your 2FA will now be enabled. You’ll need to enter these codes when logging in going forward.
Make your first deposit using one of CSGOEmpire’s available payment options.
Once funded, you’re ready to start wagering on games like roulette, coinflip, and jackpot!

Sign Up

Be sure to enable 2FA for account protection and make your first deposit smoothly via crypto, skins, or e-wallet payment. Then you’re all set to gamble on CSGOEmpire’s provably fair games.

CSGOEmpire Deposits & Withdrawal Options


CS:GO Skins – Deposit skins directly from your Steam inventory. Skins are converted to coins to play games.
Cryptocurrency – CSGOEmpire accepts a variety of cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.
G2A Pay – Supports deposits via credit card, PayPal, paysafecard, and other payment methods.
Jeton Wallet – Instantly deposit using this e-wallet service.
MuchBetter – Deposit seamlessly from your MuchBetter account.



CS:GO Skins – Withdrawal winnings in the form of CS:GO skins and items.
Cryptocurrency – Withdraw coins as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
Jeton Wallet – Transfer winnings back to your Jeton e-wallet account.
MuchBetter – Withdraw to your connected MuchBetter e-wallet.


CSGOEmpire aims to make funding your account and withdrawing winnings easy through various e-wallet services, crypto, and directly via CS:GO skin deposits.

CGSOEmpire Bonuses & Promotions

Welcome Bonus

Getting started at CSGOEmpire is made easy with their signup bonus consisting of a free $0.50 credit along with a mystery case containing a random CS:GO skin. While not huge, this free credit lets new players try a few risk-free rounds and the surprise skin provides a bit of excitement.

Free Case

Lucrative Referrals

Arguably the most valuable ongoing promotion is CSGOEmpire’s referral program, which earns you 10% commission on all wagers made by players you refer. As your referrals play jackpot, roulette, coinflip and bet on matches, you’ll continuously collect free coins. Even a few consistently active referrals can earn you a great passive income stream.

Daily Case Incentive

CSGOEmpire rewards loyalty through its daily case system, where each day you log in you’ll receive a free sealed case containing a random CS:GO skin. The value and odds scale up based on your account level, encouraging daily visits. At the highest VIP tiers, rare knives and gloves are guaranteed.

Surprise Coin Rain

Active chat participants are randomly rewarded with surprise coin rain drops worth $1 to $50 at unpredictable intervals. Since the coin rains come without warning, it pays to stay engaged in community chat for chances at free bonus coins.

Bonuses & Promotions

Leveled Up Rewards

As players rank up their account through wagering activity, they’ll unlock higher daily case values along with improved VIP perks like higher betting limits and faster support response times. CSGOEmpire incentivizes veteran players.

Shared Jackpot Bonuses

Occasionally when the jackpot wheel spins, the bonus icon appears distributing a portion of the jackpot pool to all eligible players based on that round’s bets. Even just participating can pay off through this shared bonus.

CSGOEmpire seems to offer a little extra for players at every level – from surprise free cases for new players to recurring coin rains and leveled-up rewards for devoted veterans. The referral income potential is particularly enticing.

Is it Legit?

Here is an exhaustive examination of the various factors that establish CSGOEmpire as a provably legitimate and trustworthy CS:GO gambling platform:

Official Licensing – CSGOEmpire holds an active gambling license issued by the government of Curacao, a premier global regulatory jurisdiction that oversees hundreds of online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. Obtaining a license requires strict audits and compliance standards, underscoring legitimacy.
Corporate Transparency – CSGOEmpire’s parent company Ultimatum Dynasty LTD is fully incorporated and in good standing in the Seychelles. All executives and beneficial owners are disclosed publicly, showing a commitment to transparency about who operates the platform.
Site-Wide SSL Encryption – CSGOEmpire implements 256-bit SSL encryption spanning its entire platform, including account registration and financial transactions. SSL scrambles data into secure code during transfer to prevent hacking attempts and info leaks.
Provable Fairness Implementation – The site codes its games using sophisticated algorithms and seeds to enable cryptographic verification of randomly generated outcomes. Players can audit the fairness of bets by comparing hash strings.
Overwhelmingly Positive Reputation – With a track record dating back to 2016, CSGOEmpire has developed an excellent reputation within the CS:GO gambling scene based on consistently positive experiences cited by users on forums.
Swift Withdrawal Processing – Users praise the site’s withdrawal speeds across various payment channels. CSGOEmpire’s efficient payout processing and robust liquidity demonstrates their financial accountability.

Taken holistically, CSGOEmpire exceeds the gold standard for trust and legitimacy in regulated online gambling through its licensing, transparency, security protocols, game integrity, stellar reputation, and commitment to rapid payouts.

Is it Safe to Use?

Site-wide Encryption – CSGOEmpire utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption protocols across its entire platform, including during account creation and for all transactions. This scrambles user data into secure code during transfer, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks or information leaks.
Mandatory 2FA – Upon signing up, users must enable two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator or another OTP app. This requires entering a random 6-digit code generated by the app alongside your password when logging in, adding a critical extra layer of account security.
Provably Fair and Auditable – CSGOEmpire publicly provides the algorithms and mechanisms used to verify genuinely random game outcomes through hash seeds and server seeds. Players can independently audit and confirm bet integrity through these cryptographic proofs.
Proactive Moderation – An in-house team of moderators actively monitors chat 24/7, swiftly banning any spammers, predatory marketing accounts, or abusive users. Moderation promotes a more trustworthy community environment.
Responsible Gambling Tools – For players struggling with uncontrolled wagering, CSGOEmpire provides self-exclusion options to temporarily block access to your account, as well as links to professional problem gambling resources worldwide.
Stringent Age Verification – All users must submit identifying documents proving they are age 18+ before being allowed to play. This deters underage access and prevents illegal gambling by minors.

Taken together, CSGOEmpire exceeds industry security standards through end-to-end encryption, mandatory two-factor authentication, provable fairness, proactive moderation, responsible gambling resources, and stringent age verification policies.

CSGOEmpire Customer Support

24/7 Live Chat – CSGOEmpire’s bread and butter for customer service is 24/7 live chat accessible directly through the site. Players can access an AI help bot or chat with human agents to get assistance in real-time. However, wait times to connect can be long during peak traffic hours due to understaffing.
Email Support – Players can also reach the support team via email at [email protected]. But response times are slower via email, often taking 6-12 hours for a reply according to users. Email is best for non-urgent inquiries.
Twitter Presence – The CSGOEmpire Twitter account provides timely responses to general questions about the site, but does not handle account-specific support. Players are redirected to live chat for issues with deposits, withdrawals, etc.
FAQ Database – Within the Help section, CSGOEmpire maintains a searchable frequently asked questions knowledge base that answers common inquiries on deposits, withdrawals, technical troubleshooting, bonuses, and account management. However, the information is still somewhat limited.
Discord Channel – There is an unofficial CSGOEmpire Discord where community members provide guidance. But Discord support is inconsistent and risky compared to official channels.

CSGOEmpire Customer Support

While CSGOEmpire does have multiple support avenues, common complaints cite long live chat queues and unhelpful copy-pasted responses. Expanding the support team and FAQ knowledge base could greatly improve the customer experience.

CSGOEmpire Design & Usability

Sleek Website Design – CSGOEmpire’s website sports an incredibly polished, modern aesthetic employing bold graphics, eye-catching animations, and a stylish layout. Strategic use of contrast, whitespace, and colorful accents create visual appeal without clutter. Icons, menus, tabs, and options are thoughtfully arranged for intuitive navigation. The slick interface reflects the brand’s young, energetic vibe.
Robust Mobile Optimization – Through cutting-edge responsive web design, CSGOEmpire’s site dynamically adapts and scales down perfectly to compact smartphone screens without losing performance. Mobile users enjoy the full desktop experience thanks to flexible UI elements, minimized menus, and browser-style scrolling and tapping. No clunky apps are required.
Intuitive Site Navigation – CSGOEmpire arranges its menus and pages logically using descriptive headers like “Games”, “Rewards”, “My Bets” and so on. Players can instantly access any area just a click or two away, eliminating navigational friction. Persistent top and side menus provide shortcuts on every page.
Rapid Page Loading – Optimized code and stripped-down elements allow pages to load lightning-fast across desktop and mobile. There is minimal lag or freezing when navigating the site, even on older hardware. Speedy performance enables players to swiftly access games and betting features.
Flawless Responsiveness – By harnessing a responsive web framework, CSGOEmpire’s site resizes fluidly based on screen dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit whether you play on a 27″ monitor or a 5” phone. Touch functions also work flawlessly on mobile. The result is a smooth user experience across all devices.

Design & Usability

In summary, CSGOEmpire sets the standard for responsive design and usability. Their visually stunning interface coupled with mobile-centric performance and navigation makes gambling seamless on any platform.

Mobile Offering

Flawless Mobile Site – Rather than a separate app, CSGOEmpire utilizes cutting-edge responsive web design so its desktop site seamlessly resizes down to compact mobile screens. This delivers the full CSGOEmpire experience using any mobile browser without loss of performance.
Cross-Device Compatibility – The mobile site works perfectly whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, or any other modern mobile device. CSGOEmpire supports the two dominant mobile ecosystems.
Complete Features – The mobile site grants access to CSGOEmpire’s entire suite of features – all games, account management, promotions, banking options, community chat, and support are present. No compromises were made to the mobile experience.
Optimized Navigation – On mobile, CSGOEmpire’s menus condense using responsive UI frameworks and pages minimize scrolling through short, digestible sections. Key pages load swiftly with minimal taps.
Touch/Swipe Functions – All buttons and elements fully support touch and swipe gestures, removing the need to pinch and zoom. Mobile users can intuitively interact with the site as easily as on desktop.
Persistent Top Menu – On all pages, the top menu persists for instant access to crucial links like games, my bets, rewards, and banking. This slick design pattern improves mobile navigation.
Push Notifications – Players can optionally enable push notifications to get alerts on new promotions, chat messages, and other timely updates even when not logged in.
Dynamic Resizing – No matter the exact screen size, CSGOEmpire’s site reshapes itself through fluid CSS and scalable vector graphics. Layout, images, text, and video seamlessly adapt on any phone or tablet.

In summary, CSGOEmpire’s robust mobile platform provides an optimized betting experience on par with its desktop site thanks to responsive design, full feature access, and mobile-centric UX patterns. Gambling on the go is seamless.


With over 5 years of experience in regulated online gambling, CSGOEmpire has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most trusted and secure CS:GO skin betting platforms available today. Our extensive evaluation revealed CSGOEmpire implements the highest safety standards, including mandatory age verification, SSL encryption, and provably fair games auditable through hash seeds.

While the platform offers a limited selection compared to newer competitors, its roster of classic games like roulette, coinflip, and jackpot remains popular thanks to CSGOEmpire’s proven track record of fair play and speedy payouts. Players consistently report flawless deposits and withdrawals.

Bonus Case

We found occasional minor gripes about long customer service queues, but CSGOEmpire’s helpful 24/7 live chat still outshines most CS:GO gambling sites. Coupled with an intuitive user interface and smooth mobile optimization, CSGOEmpire delivers a fantastic user experience across devices.

For risk-averse players seeking a licensed and long-established CS:GO gambling operator with a sterling reputation, CSGOEmpire checks all the boxes. Our review confirms its credentials as one of the most legitimate and secure CS:GO skin betting platforms available today. While exercising responsible play, players can enjoy CSGOEmpire’s provably fair games knowing the site prioritizes both fairness and fun.

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Q: Is CSGOEmpire legit and safe?

A: Yes, CSGOEmpire is a legitimate and safe CS:GO gambling site. They are licensed out of Curacao and have a longstanding trusted reputation.

Q: What games can you play on CSGOEmpire?

A: The games offered are roulette, coinflip, jackpot, case opening, and esports betting. The selection is limited compared to newer gambling sites.

Q: Does CSGOEmpire accept US players?

A: Unfortunately CSGOEmpire blocks most US players. This is due to unclear gambling laws and regulations for Americans. Players outside the US are accepted.

Q: How fast are cashouts from CSGOEmpire?

A: Withdrawals are processed swiftly, with crypto and skin withdrawals completed within minutes. Payments via G2A Pay may take 1-3 days.

Q: Is there a mobile app for CSGOEmpire?

A: There is no dedicated app, but CSGOEmpire is mobile optimized. All features work seamlessly on both iOS and Android mobile browsers.

Q: What are some CSGOEmpire promo codes?

A: Active promo codes are published on the site and social media for free coins. The standard code “CSGO” also provides a small ticket to play.

Q: How do I contact CSGOEmpire support?

A: Support is available 24/7 via live chat on the site or email at [email protected]. Response times are typically prompt.

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