Dfinity Foundation and Singularitynet Partner to Transform Decentralized AI with Blockchain Integration

The Dfinity Foundation and Singularitynet have announced an initiative to merge the Internet Computer blockchain with Singularitynet’s marketplace. This collaboration aims to transform the accessibility and transparency of decentralized large language models. By integrating these advanced technologies, the initiative is aiming to redefine the landscape of decentralized artificial intelligence.

Dfinity and Singularitynet Merge for AI Advancement

The Dfinity Foundation, a nonprofit research and development organization, in conjunction with Singularitynet, a decentralized AI marketplace, is embarking on a mission to enhance decentralized artificial intelligence infrastructure. In a statement provided to Bitcoin.com News, the teams say the collaboration focuses on integrating the Internet Computer blockchain with the Singularitynet framework, thereby addressing current challenges in AI tools and services.

The advent of AI and large language models (LLMs) has shown immense potential in transforming various industries. However, Dfinity and Singularitynet believe the centralized nature of existing AI tools raises issues regarding the transparency of training data and trust in output results. The duo’s initiative aims to counter these challenges by offering AI and Web3 developers access to a unique blockchain capable of running genuine decentralized artificial intelligence.

Under this initiative, decentralized AI models on the Internet Computer Protocol will operate entirely within smart contracts, ensuring open-source, tamper-proof training parameters and inputs. The Singularitynet Marketplace, connecting AI service providers with blockchain application developers, will guarantee the transparency and verification of all large language models published.

“The Internet Computer, has been at the forefront of hosting artificial intelligence on the blockchain,” Dominic Williams, the founder and chief scientist of the Dfinity Foundation stated. “Since the launch of the $5 million [decentralized AI] grant in July, we have seen an uptick in projects leveraging AI on ICP. This initiative with Singularitynet will further realize our vision for [decentralized AI] and we’re excited to work alongside Dr. Ben Goertzel and his team to refine the [decentralized AI] framework,” Williams added.

The collaborators think this synergy will empower developers to deploy sophisticated AI models using blockchain technology, executing algorithms at unprecedented speeds. Additionally, both organizations will merge their grant programs, creating an expansive platform for community developer engagement. The integration aims to not only foster development within the decentralized AI space but also provide resources for developers to innovate and advance projects.

Each of these initiatives features its own native digital currency, with the internet computer’s (ICP) value declining by 4.5% this week compared to the U.S. dollar. In contrast, Singularitynet’s AGIX token has seen a significant boost, soaring 19.4% in the last seven days. Concurrently, ICP has experienced over a 40% increase this month, while the 30-day data reveals that AGIX has accumulated a 70% gain against the greenback.

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