Dog Meme NFTs Meet BSC With Crypto Doggies

NFT exchange, BakerySwap, has announced the launch of $DOGGY, a coin that can be exchanged for a dog NFT designed in the pixelated way that Crypto Punks is famous for. It provides a meme token with a utility that is highly appealing to meme coin collectors.

Crypto Punks auctioned the NFT of 3 pixelated aliens for several million dollars recently. The pixelated aliens became a collector’s trophy among the Ethereum community. 

Crypto Doggy, The New Meme Coin 

Crypto Punks’ alien NFTs made a lot of noise when it was sold for over millions. $DOGE was a meme token with no utility but created a heavy impact due to celebrities like Elon Musk giving it credibility in early 2021. 

$DOGGY combines the best of both these worlds on the Binance Smart Shain (BSC). Crypto Doggy NFTs are cute animated doggies designed by a featured artist from BakerySwap. Crypto Punks were procedurally created, resulting in 10,000 different types of aliens.

The doggies will be created the same way, with 10,000 different types and rarity, making some common and uncommon. The gif format NFTs will have a significant collectible value. Another differentiating factor is the Burning Mechanism.

This transforms the meme token into a unique collectible item each time a user purchases one of the Doggies NFT from the Doggy Shop or the NFT Marketplace. They will have different types of rarity, allowing users to trade them too. 

Unique And Animated Doggies

The cryptographically generated doggies will have different characteristics such as dog types, color scheme, eye blinking, and tongue stretch or accessories, including glasses, scarf & hat. Each characteristic has a given probability of occurrence.

Since some characteristics are rarer than others, some doggies will be very difficult to get. The Doggie NFT will be available at the Doggy Shop under the BakerySwap Gamification tab. It can only be purchased with $DOGGY.

Buy An NFT Doggy And Burn $DOGGY

$DOGGY will have a total supply of five billion coins. Four billion of them will be available through the IDO at BakerySwap. The rest will be used as initial liquidity, rewards to the Bakery community, Bakery promoters, and the Doggy developers & artists working on the Crypto Doggy project.

The $DOGGY is priced at 1 million $DOGGY for 1 BNB, which can be burned to acquire a random NFT Doggy (with 500k $DOGGY) at the Doggy Shop or NFT Marketplace. Users can buy an NFT Doggy directly from other sellers or sell their doggies for any price of their choosing. A commission fee of 5% will be burned in $DOGGY.

What’s Next?

Post IDO, $DOGGY can be traded on the Bakery AMM exchange. Once the random Doggy NFT is bought, users can list their doggies in the NFT marketplace, thus making it available to interested buyers. 

The platform will release activities that will allow $DOGGY token and Doggy NFT to be staked to farm other tokens. The $DOGGY IDO will be live on Bakery Launchpad on May 11th, 7:00 AM UTC. $DOGGY trading and liquidity farming will be open two hours later.

From May 12th – 17th, the platform will launch a series of airdrops to Bakery Communities, influencers, and other meme coin communities. The Doggy Shop and Doggy NFT Marketplace will open on or around May 18th.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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