Dusk Network Issues Release Candidate Library for Dusk-ABI and Rusk-VM

Dusk Network, a privacy blockchain for financial applications, has shared news of its latest Release Candidate Library for Dusk-ABI and Rusk-VM.

The release marks the completion of Dusk Network’s Zero-Knowledge virtual machine components. Dusk is the developer of Rusk, a virtual machine that enables users to run and program smart contracts, create new decentralized applications, and set regulated parameters for compliance and control.

Dusk Network is part of an ongoing movement for Regulated Decentralized Finance, or RegDeFi, an offshoot of decentralized finance (DeFi). The Rusk VM relies on zk-SNARKs, or zero-knowledge cryptographic techniques. The implementation is the crypto industry’s first Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine (ZK-VM). This means that it works with all gas fees refunded, while block rewards and other transactions remain obfuscated or masked.

The delivery of the Release Candidate Library for Dusk-ABI and Rusk-VM anticipates the full release of all other security and functionality libraries under development for the Rusk Smart Contract Platform. This release marks a significant milestone for the crypto and blockchain industry, as it creates the first privacy-focused blockchain with confidential smart contracts.

Dusk Network’s Dusk-ABI (Application Binary Interface) connects the Rusk Virtual Machine with its smart contract platform. With this implementation, smart contracts can natively access host functionalities such as zero-knowledge proof verification and zk-compatible hashing.

Dusk Network has previously released libraries for these functionalities, PLONK and Poseidon. The network plans to release updates on these as forward compatible with all other existing libraries under their development roadmap.

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