Endless Possibilities on the PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace dApp

Blockchain is an ideal solution for event marketplaces, and one that brings much needed transparency to this industry. Currently, the industry is plagued with multiple issues and risks; including forged tickets, unethical buying, lack of clarity from third-party sellers, ticket usage- the list goes on. 

Using blockchain technology in event management has practical applications. For example, blockchain can limit the access of bots and scalpers trying to hoard multiple tickets for reselling. It can also increase the security of platforms towards data breaches, and even maximise users’ privacy. Additionally, event planners can gain more control over the market as well as increased efficiency in handling high demands.

PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace is a decentralized application built on blockchain technology to address unpleasant attributes of the event industry by bringing trust and transparency. Their goal is to combat the issues plaguing the industry for a smoother, more efficient experience for participants and organizers. 

What Can Users Create on Events dApp?

The app allows users to organize all kinds of events; including signings, camping, workshops, rock concerts, conferences, dinners, and festivals. Users can also create business events such as a networking event, seminar, tournament, or screening. The options available are practically limitless, as the Events Marketplace also includes a feature to pick up a topic that best suits the event requirements. 

The Events App allows users to connect with MetaMask wallet to access the security and transparency of the Ethereum network.

Creating an event is as simple as clicking on the menu on the top right corner, and tapping on “Create Event”. The platform allows the user to choose a category and a topic, and add all the details such as name, description, location, date and time, and other basic information. The user is easily able to set the price of each token and also limit the number of tokens. The final step is the “Make your Event Live” button at the bottom of the web page, and then confirming the transaction on MetaMask. It should be noted that a gas fee is required to create the event.  

The app has an intuitive UI interface which users can utilise to create an event by adding the event’s information, location, date, and time. Moreover, the platform offers a complete historical record of all the events you’ve organized in the past. You can evaluate all the information by matching transaction records on the Ethereum blockchain as everything is transparent for all to see. You can also use the app to buy tickets by simply scrolling through the Events dApp to view the show you’d like to participate in and purchasing the ticket with PhoenixDAO’s native $PHNX token. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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