Europe on the way to Digital Advancement: Here’s A roadmap to succeed in the Digital Economy

Digitally advanced is the new way to look out a country’s development afterward the GDP and other properties, and yes, every the country is working full of its endeavor for it.

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As being all really developed among most of the political territory, Europe is making it best in all let’s get into the fact how? well the European Commission has launched EU Blockchain observatory and forum with the intent of mapping key, drives, oversee developments and inspiring the common actions.

· Outline screw the existing initiatives among Europe and beyond the seas;

· Will auditor the progress or evolution spell out the trends and point the crop up issues;

· Uplifts the European actors and boost European engagement with multiple stakeholders;

· Steward a major communication opportunity for Europe to set out its vision and ambition on the international scene;

· Endorse the common actions on specific uses of European actions;

To look out, identify, and research the EU’s initiatives and beyond working groups has been established by the EU blockchain observatory and forum. So, these are the two working groups.

· The blockchain policy and framework conditions working groups will glance at the cross-technology and cross-industry issues to define the policy, legal and regulatory conditions needed to promote the regulatory and legal monotony necessary for larger-scale development of blockchain applications.

· The use cases and transition scenarios will focus on the most promising transformative blockchain use cases with the insistence on public sector applications such as identity and government services, health care, environmental reporting, and energy.

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