Fast and Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptofon: What It Offers

Fast and Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptofon: What It Offers

With over 478 cryptocurrency exchanges actively offering customers services as reported by one of the leading crypto analytics websites CoinGecko these platforms have become almost as important as the over 8,000 cryptocurrencies actively trading. They offer users an opportunity to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

Whilst a few of these exchanges have been launched, one of the many problems developers have had is that of acquiring an exchange license. There are a ton of procedures or requirements to be met before issuance. Amidst all of these entry barriers, Mr. Ibrahim Kalem and Mr. Hakan Atabas, two forward-thinking individuals seeking to invest in the trillion-dollar crypto market, have launched a reliable, licensed, and fast crypto exchange Cryptofon.

Taking the extreme volatility of the crypto market into consideration, these entrepreneurs ventured into the booming market with approximately €337,000, albeit based on an existing project code written by Mr. Hakan Atabaś. Benefiting from an array of advanced cybersecurity systems such as Firewall, LTE, LTM, etc., the project code, “Xtremcoin”, according to Mr. Atabaś, was designed with OWAPS Level 3.

Leveraging rich Chinese-origin services, Cryptofon runs in integration with Pusher, Bitgo, Samplex, OVH, BitcoinAverage, and several other products. This exchange, as stated by the executives, has created a truly central management style while incorporating a ton of advanced technologies to protect the assets of clients in the best possible way.

With a clear vision to create, distribute, and protect knowledge, the recently established exchange will attempt to provide users with reliable, accurate, efficient services that are at par with other companies like Binance, the largest crypto exchange. Like every crypto exchange, Cryptofon will offer users the opportunity to trade, buy, and sell Bitcoin and altcoins. Regulated and centralized, users will have to fill out the Know-Your-Customer [KYC] form.

A qualified Computer Engineer, Mr. Hakan Atabaś, the Xtremcoin project code author, not surprisingly, has been in the blockchain and crypto space since 2011 after he discovered Bitcoin through mining. In that time, Mr. Atabaś has taken part in the creation of over 46 unique projects up until 2017 when he decided to launch Xtremcoin. Speaking to reporters about his entry into the crypto and blockchain space, Mr. Kalem had this to say:

“My partner Hakan Atabaş helped me to buy Bitcoin and we kept it in the wallets of his exchange, Xtremcoin. When I bought it, I think it was around €6800, I didn’t think that the 7 BTC I bought would bring me €13000 in a very short time. Frankly, I had no idea how it would act, I even thought that it was just a scam consisting of wallet addresses and numbers. However, when I made a profit of €13000, converted in a few seconds, and withdrew my money to my account, I realized that this business was real and significant.”

The idea behind the creation of Cryptofon, according to Hakan, was to build a licensed platform where users are guaranteed security and protection of assets in a centralized manner. He, however, discovered that there was more at stake in the building process. They had to spend countless hours on credit card integrations, bank integrations, cybersecurity, designs, agreement, service personnel, et al.

All of these efforts led to the creation of Cryptofon, a fast, licensed, and reliable crypto exchange platform borne out of proper research about the current market.

With the market currently experiencing a slight fall in price due to recent announcements, the influx of a variety of trends like decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) have opened up unending avenues for more companies and investors alike to get in on the trillion-dollar crypto industry.

Fast and Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptofon: What It Offers

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