Finxflo Announces Partnership With

Finxflo, a hybrid liquidity aggregator for digital asset investors, has announced a partnership with the cryptocurrency payments platform

The world’s first hybrid DeFi/CeFi liquidity and protocol aggregator Finxflo was designed to offer cryptocurrency traders and investors with a one-stop offering of the world’s leading CeFi and DeFi protocols. Most recently the platform teamed up with to receive additional liquidity that will increase transaction volume, and reduce market volatility for users.  

Here’s what CEO of Finxflo, James Gillingham had to say about the partnership:

“ is a transcendent platform in the space with over 10 million users, and we are thrilled to announce them as our first liquidity provider. Partnering with this proven liquidity provider not only cements Finxflo as a market-leader in liquidity, but also helps us on our mission to provide our users with the best possible trade options.”

The partnership takes into consideration the influx of recent retail traders who are entering the space, with Finxflo aiming to provide a platform that protects users from issues native to low liquidity pools such as exchange instability, slow transaction times, and market manipulation, Gillingham continues:

“We want to eliminate the hurdles associated with crypto trading, and streamline the experience for new retail investors. As we continue to deepen our liquidity, we can provide the best possible price levels across liquidity pools for the institutional investors to price-sensitive retail traders.”

Liquidity aggregators are growing in popularity, in alignment with the growth of the DeFi sector, and according to Messari aggregators made up around 20% of decentralized trading volumes this past year. has signed a number of partnerships over the recent months, most recently with Visa, OnChain Custodian, and a one year sponsorship deal with Aston Martin. Their partnership with Finxflo will further drive the growth of the Defi sector, as they, and other platforms open up trade options in Crypto. 

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