FTX Exchange Drama: Closing Arguments in Bankman-Fried Trial

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In the courtroom drama surrounding the downfall of the once-mighty FTX cryptocurrency exchange, the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried has entered its final chapter. The prosecution and defense presented closing arguments that couldn’t have been more contrasting.

As reported by crypto journalist Laura Shin, assistant U.S. Attorney Nicholas Rooe, leading the prosecution, used evidence, timelines, and the defendant’s own words to portray Sam Bankman-Fried as a liar who stole from customers while maintaining a facade of innocence. Rooe argued that Bankman-Fried knew he was doing something wrong, stressing deception, lies, and greed as central themes.

He called attention to Bankman-Fried’s contradictory statements, pointing out his confident public assurances about FTX’s health despite his awareness of the exchange’s dire financial situation. He alleged that Bankman-Fried’s actions betrayed his knowledge of wrongdoing.

Rooe stated, “He told a story and he lied to you. This was a pyramid of deceit built by the defendant on a foundation of lies and false promises, all to get money, and eventually it collapsed, leaving countless victims in its wake.”

In contrast, Bankman-Fried’s defense, led by Mark Cohen, sought to discredit the government’s portrayal of the defendant as a villain. Cohen argued that the government unfairly painted his client as a criminal mastermind, using evidence about Bankman-Fried’s physical appearance and personal life to cast him as a villain in their narrative.

Cohen contended that miscommunications, mistakes, and lapses in judgment occurred in the real world, but they did not constitute criminal acts. He questioned the government’s focus on Bankman-Fried’s motivations and intentions, highlighting the lack of evidence of criminal intent in their case.

With both sides having made their closing arguments, the jury is now set to begin deliberations. The outcome of this high-stakes trial, closely watched by the cryptocurrency community and beyond, remains uncertain. Deliberations may continue into the evening, and the trial’s conclusion is eagerly awaited.

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