Gleec Coin Guide: A Blockchain Based Digital Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency world is revolutionizing the way people think about money. Since its inception, the financial markets have witnessed the emergence of several new ICOs.

However, the main problem is that the majority of digital coins are created with speculative use – only to end up as a tradable asset in the financial markets.

Gleec Coin was created to change this reality – by adding real-world value to the digital asset. The coin is a part of the Gleec ecosystem where it can be used as a payment method for services and goods.

The platform also allows users to enjoy a range of bonuses and services on its network.

In this guide, we take a closer look at what the Gleec Coin ecosystem is from top to bottom.

What is the Gleec Ecosystem?

Gleec advertises itself as the first digital ecosystem powered by blockchain. The platform currently supports different applications that work together seamlessly, complementing each other to form a network of interconnected applications.

The ecosystem was designed to be simple enough so that everyone can benefit from blockchain technology. In order to make the most of these products, you will first have to invest in the Gleec token.

Gleec Token

Unlike the other popular cryptocurrencies in circulation, Gleec Coin was developed with practical usage in mind. The coin serves as a utility token with its primary use in the Native Ecosystem.

As a Bitcoin fork, the coin has been in development since 2017 – although it officially entered the crypto market as recently as 2019.

Gleec Coin has a limited total supply of 21 million tokens. The token is currently listed on over 15 cryptocurrency exchanges, including HitBTC, Probit Exchange, and SistemCoin.

Today, with a market cap of over $43 million, the coin is clearly at the very start of its digital currency journey.

Gleec Working Products

Here is an overview of the products that are currently available in the Gleec ecosystem:

Gleec Chat

Gleec Chat serves as a secure communication app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Using the app, you can send and receive messages and secure your calls with the ZRTP encryption solution.

This video encryption tool ensures privacy at all times – making the data unreadable to anyone other than the call recipient.

Gleec ATM

Gleec has launched the world’s first virtual ATM, which gives you the ability to buy and sell coins quickly. The product is already available in four countries, and being a digital version – it eliminates the need for long waits and high translation fees.

The entire transaction is carried out through the app and does not require you to hold an account elsewhere.

If interested, you can launch your own Gleec ATM business to trade Bitcoin for your clients with excellent commissions. You can earn 2.5% commission on client transactions as well as make up to 25% for referrals.

Gleec Card

This top-up Visa card enables you to spend your Gleec coins, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies at over 50 million merchants worldwide.

You can choose between a virtual card or a physical card and instantly top up your digital assets using the Gleec card app.

Once you have sufficient funds loaded onto your card, you can spend your cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime.

Gleec Pay

With Gleec Pay, you can set up a fully-functional bank account that comes with a crypto-friendly IBAN. You no longer have to go through the exhaustive verification procedures as found at brick and mortar financial services to use your account.

Instead, you can manage your account, track your payments, and process worldwide transfers through a secured interface. Combine this with the Gleec Card, and you have a complete online banking system right at your fingertips.

The market fees and translation fees on Gleec pay are significantly lower compared to traditional banks. Both individuals and businesses can sign up for an account on the platform.

Gleec Exchange

The Gleec BTC Exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is evolving as we speak. The platform currency offers Gleec, Bitcoin, and Ethereum along with GLEEC/BTC, BTC/USDT, and GLEEC/EUR trading pairs.

In addition, the platform also comes with a customizable terminal that includes multiple charts, instruments for technical analysis, and built-in notifications to receive market updates.

Gleec BTC Trading Fees

Gleec BTC Exchange employs a “maker-taker” fee model in order to maximize liquidity and offer tighter spreads on the platform.

  • For standard and general accounts, the fees are fixed at 0.1% for makers and 0.25% for takers.
  • For upgraded accounts, Gleec uses a fee tier system that rewards customers for high-volume trading. Put simply, the more you trade, the lower your trading fees will be.

For instance, for Tier 1, the maker and taker fees are set at 0.09%. At the other end of the scale, Tier 10 market makers get a -0,01% rebate, while take fees stand at just 0.02%.

Gleec Wallet

The Gleec Wallet makes it simpler for you to manage your cryptocurrency transactions and trading balances through a single mobile application.

At the moment, the wallet offers support for Gleec, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. You can not only store your digital assets but also send and create payment requests through the wallet app.

Gleec Market

Gleec Market is a product in progress that is intended to serve as a decentralized marketplace. On this platform, anyone can become a buyer or a seller, and discover both new and used products around you.

Most importantly, the platform will be integrated with an efficient shipment and payment system. In other words, you get a smooth and efficient customer experience and can offer buyers the same level of service.

Gleec Lab

Gleec Lab aims to provide support for technological innovations in the different walks of our daily lives.

Services extend to technical support, software, web development, consulting, and predict design to help drive the growth of a sustainable global digital ecosystem.

Apart from the native products, Gleec Lab is also behind LooseBite, Vertebe, and Pet Com.

Gleec Ecosystem Usability

Although the products listed here above all come under the Gleec ecosystem, they function as separate entities. As such, any fees involved will also vary from one platform to another.

For instance, trading fees charged on the Gleec BTC Exchange and transaction fees involved in Gleec Pay.

You can access customer support separately on each of these apps. In addition, you can also contact the team directly through the official website of the Gleec ecosystem or through one of their social media pages.

The Verdict

As you can see, Gleec Coin has several projects lined up in order to offer a complete ecosystem to its users. The network was designed to ensure transparency, guaranteed security, and easy traceability across all its solutions.

These products, aligned with blockchain technology, are sure to attract users of all shapes and sizes.

It is already evident that Gleec can reduce transaction fees to a bare minimum or even remove them entirely. In addition, decentralized control will also bring more safety to its applications.

That said, the platform is not a common name in the cryptocurrency world. If it gains more traction from enthusiasts, it will be interesting to see how big this project can get.

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