Google Joins The NFT Bandwagon With Origin Protocol Partnership

Origin Protocol and Google Cloud have partnered to create and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through Origin’s e-commerce platform, Dshop. The Origin team tweeted the announcement on Twitter:

“Origin is partnering with the Google Cloud Marketplace to bring NFTs to the mainstream! In today’s post on the Google blog, Origin co-founder @matthewliu show you how to create & sell your own # NFT’s using #Dshop & Google Cloud.”

Origin Protocol is a blockchain platform used to build decentralized marketplaces, enabling the creation of peer-to-peer marketplaces on the Ethereum network and IPFS. 

Create And Sell NFTs Using DShop On Google Cloud

Origin’s Dshop 1-click deployer has been available on Google Cloud Marketplace since August 2020. Dshop allows users to create an online store and run their business on a decentralized platform. The new partnership is explicitly aimed at the creation and sale of NFTs. 

Setting up a Dshop pon Google Cloud platform is a simple and straightforward process. Once the Dshop is set up, users can create or mint their NFTs. A Web3-enabled wallet like MetaMask browser extension is also needed here. 

Maintain an ETH balance in your wallet to pay gas fees to the Ethereum network. Other platforms such as OpenSea can also be used to mint NFTs. OpenSea supports ERC-1155 standard primarily. An ERC-721 NFT can be minted on Mintable, an alternate NFT platform that mints NFTs for free. 

ERC-1155 standard NFTs support a wider variety of tokens and batch transfers as it is newer than ERC-721, which has limitations. The minted NFTs will be held in the MetaMask wallet until it’s transferred to the Dshop, where users can create customized listings.

Listings Are Done, What’s Next?

To ensure the NFT being sold can prove its existence and verify its scarcity, users are advised to add an Etherscan link in the description of the NFT listing on Dshop. If the NFT is on another platform, the link to the NFT on that platform can be added here. 

Buyers will purchase the NFT from the Dshop listing by using ETH or ERC-20 tokens as payment. The checkout flow requires the buyer to enter their Etheruem wallet address. Once that’s done, the NFT can be transferred to the buyer through OpenSea or Mintable. 

The process is simple: select the NFT on the listing, add the buyer’s wallet address in the destination, and click the “transfer” button. The transfer requires a gas fee paid to the Ethereum network, and this transaction is separate from the buyer’s purchase transaction. 

Origin’s Impressive NFT History

Origin broke records in March 2021 for the highest-grossing NFT sale at the time with 3LAU’s tokenized album that was up for auction. The sale has brought in nearly $12 million and made headlines in mainstream publications such as Forbes, Billboard, and Business Insider.

In early 2020, Origin helped Brave Software of the Brave Browser fame switch from Shopify to Dshop for its merchandise store. Brave hosts its own store now, where it utilizes its native token. In early 2021, Brave held a meme creation contest with their community, and 30 NFTs were listed on their Dshop for sale. 

The NFTs sold out instantly. On March 30th, Origin announced that Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco’s first-ever NFT drop on the platform. The drop went live on Monday, April 12th. Origin is also hosting the launch of internet sensation and professional boxer Jake Paul’s First-NFTs. Origin plans to continue powering many more NFT sales on their e-commerce platform in the future. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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