Has Altcoin-Season Officially Started?


Almost every cryptocurrency has experienced a big crash, but they have also managed to recover within a few days. Along with major altcoins making efforts towards developing and standing out amongst the tokens that are being created on a larger scale.

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Dogecoin is getting a much-needed upgrade!

Dogecoin is one of the few altcoins that has survived the crash and is on the way to make upgrades that will lower its transaction fees by 90%. One of Dogecoin’s biggest criticism is the lack of value that it brings to the table when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Elon Musk also responded to this tweet saying, that it is going to be a big improvement for the token. He has been looking to upgrade Dogecoin and contribute with devs on it, but it seems like he has not taken any action in this regard. Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum has also extended a helping hand to Dogecoin and Elon in order to increase its utility which is quite limited. Elon is certainly not the right person to decide what Dogecoin’s future could look like as he is not really involved in the industry and makes claims without any evidence. However, Charles knows exactly what he is doing and has been part of the industry long before it became mainstream.

Ethereum Testnet approaches a new upgrade!

Ethereum has experienced some of the lowest dips ever, touching almost the $1,690 mark and some volatility. The long-awaited London upgrade has already gone live on the Ropsten block 10499401 today. The upgrade still has to launch in two other places after which it will go live on the Ethereum mainnet or the blockchain where its own cryptocurrencies or tokens are in use around the end of July. The rollout of the upgrades has been done very efficiently to get everyone involved right away. This hard folk will include EIP-1559 which is going to cut down transaction fees to a considerable degree. According to EIP-1559, the network will introduce a new pricing system that adds a base fee for every block found on the network. If you are merely an investor, then this upgrade doesn’t concern you now, but in the future, as transaction fees get a lot cheaper, this will become more significant.

Cardano has reached Africa!

Input-Output Global is a blockchain infrastructure research and engineering company that plays an important part in Cardano. The organization is making a deal with Tanzania that will involve going internet access to many people along with offering digital payment services. This will entail some sort of agreement between banks and the private sector to provide better and beneficial services and products to the people. It will involve using APIs to gain insights into what customers actually want. Cardano hopes that down the line more countries will adopt it in a way where people won’t even realize they are utilizing blockchain technology.

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