Interview: Bitcoin And Black America With Isaiah Jackson

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On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Isaiah Jackson to discuss his upcoming book, “Bitcoin And Black America Volume 2.” 

Before the interview I read a copy of his first book which laid the groundwork explaining Bitcoin to noobs, though it was written especially for black people. The book covers monetary history and how black people have gotten little to no support from bankers here in America, and goes on to make the case that Bitcoin for black people is a no brainer. As Jackson says, “If any group of people should recognize how media can misrepresent you because they feel threatened, it should be the black community. Bitcoin and the black community are a match made in heaven.”

Aside from his writing, Jackson has been on a mission of Bitcoin outreach. He has big plans in store for 2021, which include a summer camp for Bitcoin education and even a tour around the U.S. visiting with black church leaders. He and Russ Okung are working on that project and I am very interested to see the outcomes. 

Jackson is even launching a new show on Coindesk Tv called “Community Crypto” where he and guests discuss Bitcoin in meetup groups around the world. He is truly taking Bitcoin outreach to the grassroots. Please give him a follow and let us know what you think of the pod.

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