Island Girl Token: Play2Earn, Metaverse, See You on The Island!

The Island Girl Token is the biggest Metaverse launch of 2022! It is a community-driven token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and combines real-world pleasures with blockchain through NFTs, Metaverse and Play2Earn Gaming. 

With the Island Girl Token ($IGIRL) holders are automatically rewarded with more $IGIRL tokens on every transaction. The project was carefully, and fair launched, having its liquidity locked up for up to 94 years, and its ownership renounced.

The story of Island Girl

The Island Girl project emerged from a recent viral TikTok video of two famous twin celebrities from South Florida. They made a freestyle video about the topic of being an Island Boy. Island Boy needed Island Girl, and the success story was there, with more organic people joining the Island Girl community.

The Island Girl Tokenomics are built with 2% Rewards, 2% added to Liquidity and 6% to Marketing. With their so called “Fair Launch” about 1.5 months ago, the price has increased by a multiple. We have seen a lot of promotion and talk about Island Girl by big Youtubers and Twitter Influencers.

Play2Earn Game

For their upcoming Play2Earn Game, Island Girl Token currently offers 10,000 Mystery Boxes with 6 different characters as NFT that are randomly allocated on each buy. The NFTs will be the playable characters in the game and at least one of them is needed.

Depending on the rarity level, characters will have added features such as higher range, shield, double jump, or extra life. Check out their Mystery Box NFTs website here.

Island Girl Metaverse

With all that has been mentioned, the team still has more in stock. The project aims to fully launch its own fully implemented Metaverse game in the coming months. This will bring more breathtaking features and allow participants to move around, discover goodies, buy land, build items, interact with others, and many more! All accessible with their IGIRL tokens. A first trailer of the Metaverse should be released in the last weeks of January 2022! #Staytuned

See You on the Island, eh… what?

You heard right! The ultimative goal of the Island Girl Token will be to buy a Real Island and build a resort for its holders. Crazy! Right? The area has been already set since most of the community is from Indonesia. We will have exclusive events, parties and Island Girl Token holders will be able to relax in the resort. Find out more about the Island Girl token, tickets are available in the form of unique NFTs, giveaways and contests. Get involved and join the Island Girl community now! 

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