Jelurida: The Company Behind the NXT & Ardor Blockchains

Jelurida is a pioneer of energy-efficient blockchain solutions and interoperable multichain networks. The company has developed two notable blockchain platforms – Nxt and Ardor, along with the first Child Chain, Ignis.

Jeluria’s team has utilized its expertise on the design and implementation of blockchain-based business solutions and decentralized applications. They work on projects right from network setup, conceptualization, development, and maintenance.

This article explores the ins and outs of Jelurida and what the platform offers.

Nxt Blockchain

Nxt is considered the first blockchain to be built entirely based on a proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

When launched in 2013, it was one of the first projects that proved that blockchain technology has uses beyond the simple transfer of value. In other words, Nxt helped explore the different capabilities of blockchain technology.

Fast forward seven years and the blockchain has managed to attract a vast community, paving the way for several new blockchain projects and features, including fully decentralized asset exchange, voting, shuffling, and more.

Nxt is an open source blockchain platform
Nxt is an open source blockchain platform

How to Use Nxt for Your Project

Nxt was developed with several applications and features already built-in.

Here is an overview of what you can do with the blockchain.

  • Issue a token on the DEX, trade it or offer dividends to the holders.
  • Set up decentralized marketplaces with options to list goods, add pictures, and receive reviews.
  • Conduct crowdfunding campaigns using monetary system currencies.
  • Work with decentralized polls based on voting models.
  • Send encrypted messages or plain text between different accounts.
  • Upload data to the cloud and tag keywords to make it searchable.
  • Make transaction executions conditional, adding the need for whitelisting accounts through voting or by using passwords.
  • Phasing and account control using simple and flexible multi-signature account functionality.

You can use these features with browser-based wallets or use them as building blocks with API calls.

Ardor Blockchain

This multichain blockchain platform is built on a unique parent-child chain architecture. The parent Ardor chain is responsible for safekeeping the entire network, whereas the interoperable child chain is loaded with rich functionalities.

Along with hybrid user permissioning capabilities, this design adds to its wider flexibility – opening the door for various uses of blockchain technology.

Furthermore, Ardor was developed with scalability in mind, ensuring that it can address the existing industry issues such as single-token dependency, blockchain bloat, as well as the need for easily customizable blockchain solutions.

Ardor is a multichain blockchain platform
Ardor is a multichain blockchain platform

From Nxt to Ardor

As innovative as Nxt was, it still had some issues that could benefit from improvement. For instance, the entire blockchain system and its development were dependent on the native token NXT. It was inevitable to process payments and transfer assets over the blockchain.

In addition, NXT also had issues with Blockchain bloat, limiting its future expansion and scalability. Moreover, customization was an issue, as many organizations need to adjust the blockchain to use their own transactional token and other functionalities.

Ardor was developed to address these drawbacks of Nxt, to bring greater flexibility to the uses of blockchain.

How to use Ardor for Your Project

Ardor is a single-parent chain that has multiple child chains. This allows organizations to add their own child chain to the Ardor ecosystem as needed.

Here is a list of the benefits that Ardor offers.

  • Launch a custom blockchain without concerning yourself with network security or maintenance.
  • Each child chain can have its own native token and have features optimized for its specific use.
  • As each of the child chains are interoperable and backed by the parent Ardor chain, you can create a diverse ecosystem with different projects that work seamlessly with each other.
  • Although Ardor is a public blockchain, you can still make the individual child chains permissioned.
  • As with Nxt, Ardor also allows for pruning and retrieving data. Furthermore, each child chain transition is also designed to be prunable and does not have to be stored permanently for every new node.


Ignis is the primary child chain of Ardor and is an integral part of the platform. The chain comes fully featured and permissionless to carry out all transaction types and features that come with Ardor.

This is the exclusive chain used to create stateless and lightweight contract development.

Ignis also supports some of the advanced privacy mechanisms, such as coin shuffling and encrypted messages that can be shared with third parties.

Ignis Features
Beginners Guide to Ignis: Ardor’s Eldest Child Chain

How to Use Ignis for Your Project

Anyone from individual developers to businesses can benefit from the Ignis child chain and token to develop both permissionless and permissioned dApps.

Below are some additional features that Ignis offers:

  • Asset exchange allows you to issue a token on the Ignis child chain, which will then be accessible on other child chains. These assets can be traded, used for voting, or used to pay dividends in the chain token.
  • Limit the accessibility of the apps they design based on account and asset control.
  • Set up decentralized marketplaces on Ignis and other child chains.
  • Support monetary system currencies to conduct crowdfunding, issue gaming tokens, and more.
  • Create polls with multiple questions and count them based on voting models.

Apart from this, the majority of features found with Nxt are also included in Ignis.

How to Access Jelurida Blockchains

Being an open-source platform, Jelurida has made all of its blockchains publicly available on its website.

Both Ardor and Nxt product and experimental versions are available for Android, Android full node, macOS, and Unix.

If the inbuilt set of features and applications are not sufficient for your business needs, you can use the framework to develop your own custom blockchain under the Jelurida Public License.

Ardor Use Cases

Here are some use cases Ardor offers.


Ardor is the base for the development of Triffic, a mobile app that uses augmented reality and gamification to enable its users to collect GPS tokens based on mobility.

The blockchain has been used to create a gaming economy, reward systems, secret sharing, and generation.


This blockchain-based solution is used to reward cyclists for regular cycling using ‘cycle tokens.’

Thanks to Ardor, the team was able to develop a transparent and low-threshold reward model built on the Ignis child chain.

The solution takes advantage of the distributed infrastructure and decentralized consensus algorithms.


ArdorRocks is a social network that is entirely based on the Ardor blockchain technology. The project is still in development by Corrado Andriani and aims to give rewards to content creators on social media.

The native token – Rocks, will be used as the asset in order to facilitate the reward system.

Gallery Defender

This is a research project that explores the application of blockchain in game-based learning solutions. It will test the knowledge gained by players and securely records their achievements on the blockchain.

Other Services

As we mentioned, there are aspects on the blockchain that can be customized for your individual projects.

However, it might not always be feasible for individual teams. Jelurida also offers its services in order to ensure that you receive all the support you need in using its products.

The services are provided in:

  • Ardor child chain creation: New child chain creation is managed by Jelurida through a contractual agreement between the operator and the platform. This will ensure that the new child chains are based on a use case and that it will contribute to the viability of the Ardor platform.
  • Private Blockchain Implementation: Jelurida offers a blockchain creation kit for free under the Jelurida Public License. This is a developer toolkit, and if you need extensive customization, the team is always available with support.
  • Technical Consulting: The team is also available to assist you with different aspects of project maintenance, development, and deployment.

Wrapping Up

Jelurida endeavors to prove that there is plenty to get excited about with blockchain technology above and beyond just cryptocurrencies.

The use cases of Ardor are excellent examples of how easy it is to build applications with different utilities based on blockchain protocols.

It goes without saying that the platform and its projects have countless applications in our daily lives.

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