Live Traders Review 2021: Create a Strategy and Start Trading

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Two fundamental factors that define a trader’s success in the cryptocurrency market are time and speed. As a trader, you must be fast enough to analyze and blend with the irregular market prices and execute a trade at the best time possible. Besides, the market also runs 24 hours daily, and as such, requires a trader’s longevity on the preferred trading platform. Considering these, obviously, these two factors demand more than what a human trader has to offer.

These concerns have birthed the emergence of cryptocurrency trading bots. These bots offer practical approaches to tackling the issues mentioned before. They have fast data processors and make quick and reasonable decisions using some set of algorithms.

Furthermore, these bots are also helpful by assisting new users in carrying out those seeming challenging tasks they may not be able to accomplish alone. Evidently, it has been a game-changer in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Live Traders is one of those projects offering this innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

What is

Live Traders is an innovative online trading firm that doubles as an educational platform for traders worldwide. In essence, it is a comprehensive trade bot platform that allows its users to leverage the vast range of automated tools to improve their trading strategies. Created by Ammol Singh and Jared Wesley, this project went live in 2015, and over the years, it has been enjoying vast reception and warm welcome by crypto enthusiasts. This reception emanates from the fact that this firm offers nothing less than transparent services, which maintain all profits and losses in the most honest and fair approach.

Live Traders operates through API connections and offers access to roughly a thousand distinct trading bots, which users can use to automate trades on exchanges such as Bitstamp, Binance, KuCoin, and others.

Besides the trade features, Live Traders also features an impressive educational section to offer its users the best and memorable trade experience. This section contains various trading courses, and undoubtedly, they surely fulfill the needs of any readers irrespective of styles or conditions.

Live Traders is a platform that enables traders of various experiences to develop unique trading strategies, with full access to comprehensive historical data and various tech indicators. Besides, this platform also integrates a marketplace where every member can trade their strategies.

Features and Options

Live Traders is a fully automated multi-asset trading platform that offers a vast range of options and provides very much more services than what many of its competitors currently offer. Here are some notable features of this platform.

Educational Resources

This platform enables its users to leverage a vast range of educational materials and resources related to trading. The topics covered in this section range from daytrading strategies, risk management, long-term and swing trading strategies, fundamental analysts, trading chart basics, essential trading rules, indicators strategies, and a few tutorials on setting up the platform.

Live Trading Room

This platform features a unique private online room created particularly for its users who are pretty familiar with the fundamentals of trading. This live trading room is available for $175 monthly. Nonetheless, you can always try out the free version to see how things work before making payments.

This room is the best option for beginners to begin their multi-asset trading careers. As a beginner, you get to see what trading looks like in real life and even interact with professionals to clear any doubts you might have had.

Besides, live traders also ensure transparency in the trades occurring in the live room. It tracks every transaction on a spreadsheet, and users can freely ask any questions they might need clarification about anytime.

Automated Trade Copier

One of the most exciting features of the platform is the presence of an auto trader copier service, which new users can leverage. What this feature does is that it mirrors trades from the server 100% accurately. However, this requires that both the receiver and sender are on a similar private server.

This tool makes it possible to mirror the trading decisions of professional traders who use this platform and evaluate and analyze every one of their decisions right from the comfort of your couch. This feature is also fully automated, so it doesn’t really require much from you.


Considering its API integration with six top crypto exchange platforms, anyone can easily set up automated trades. Besides, as a user, you can trade 24/7 automatically and leverage the platform’s cloud hosting features. Consequently, this eliminates the need for any installations or upgrades. In addition, Live trader secures its user’s data using the 2048 bit encryption.

Trade Signals and Opportunities

Asides from the features mentioned above, Live Traders also offers trading signals to its users. With this notification system, you can quickly determine the most profitable entry points presently on the market.

These signals ultimately aim to ensure that traders make enough profit and walk away from the trade without losing any.

In addition to access to over 21 indicators such as RSI, MACD, etc., you also get to access up to a thousand trading bots to automate every necessary activity. Besides, you can also utilize the fundamental analysis and paper trade and backtest your preferred strategy.

Customers Satisfaction

The Live Traders platform is a multi-asset trading platform that offers services with Forex, crypto, and stocks. You can easily connect with them by scheduling a call anytime it’s convenient for you. All you need to do is create a time and day that is most convenient for you and wait for the team to give you a call at the chosen time. Live Traders claims to reply to emails within an hour and recently aired its intention to introduce a WhatsApp support option as time goes on.


This broker operates a web-based solution, which features a very well-designed and engaging user interface. Users of all levels can easily navigate the main dashboard. Besides, you can always access the platform using either desktop, tablet, or even your smartphone devices.

Subscription Plan

Live Traders has a free trial period that lets you sign up, practice, and get familiar with the platform for roughly seven days. After this period, you may decide to subscribe monthly, ranging from $15 a month to $79. Plus, the services are available to every subscriber without needing any added trading fees. With this, you can access every core feature on the platform.

Is Secure?

The creators of this project didn’t give out a lot concerning their security protocols. Nonetheless, they do claim that they offer cloud-based trading, which is on secure servers. Also, that the platform utilizes 2048 bit encryption. However, evidently, they are constantly working to maintain proper operational and technical measures, data security routines, and internal control measures to protect users against any form of loss or attack on their data.

Live Traders secure user accounts via standard password and email combinations, with options to enable two-factor authentication in account settings. In cases of hacks or other unauthorized attacks, the platform will react to reset relevant login credentials. However, the team emphasizes that users must maintain the security of their personal data and computing systems.

In a bid to ensure more transparency, the platform also offers users with a comprehensive log of trading bot activities as well as their decisions so that you can monitor every relevant detail right from inside your account.

To keep up with the industry standards, this platform doesn’t require you to transfer your funds into your account, and it doesn’t have any access to your holdings. Your funds are held on the chosen exchange account. All the platform does is simply connect via an API, which enables it to interface with exchanges and carries out other trade transactions.

To further eliminate every trade issue, it advises users to disband withdrawals from their crypto accounts and keep maintaining their personal security protocols.

Getting Started on Live Traders

Live Traders is one exciting project for you if you are looking to step up your trading game. Its range of features and options can position you to become a professional in just a few months. You can even have multiple strategies running on various exchanges with features to access them from an account while mixing and matching strategies as you deem fit. Not to mention the ability to track your trading movements and positions right from your dashboard and assess the performance of strategies via historical data.

Getting started is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is create an account using your email and password, verify the account and fill up every necessary credential. Then you can go on to backtest your first strategy by selecting your preferred coin to trade. From here, you can also choose your preferred indicators, create a strategy and start trading.

Live Traders is still relatively young in the community, so we should expect more exciting features in the future. For now, if you are looking for a platform with a vast range of trading tools with support for most top exchanges, then this project should align with your intent.

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