Metropoly Brings New Properties To Platform As New Exchange Listing Imminent

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2023 is poised to witness the prominent rise of Web3 on a global scale, fueled by significant investments that have yielded impressive outcomes. While Web3 has already made substantial progress worldwide in 2022, it is expected to reach its pinnacle as the dominant trend in the coming year.

Furthermore, the real estate sector is actively embracing decentralized technology and showing a renewed interest in incorporating innovative concepts like NFTs. Although discussions on this subject have been ongoing, recent technological advancements have propelled it into the spotlight with even greater significance.

Metropoly, an advanced real estate platform, has garnered significant attention from the crypto community. This is in part because it has hinted at an upcoming exchange listing on a huge exchange, as well as the launch of version 3.0 of its beta platform and perhaps most importantly, the upcoming inclusion of 3 new properties on its platform.

A Lot in Store When It Comes to Metropoly’s Future

In the midst of the dynamic developments within the Metropoly ecosystem, such as the partnership with Ultraclub, Metropoly is hinting at a forthcoming exchange listing. The specific exchange will be disclosed by the team in the near future, so it is advisable to monitor the social media channels for further information.

There is speculation that the anticipated exchange might be the renowned MEXC, which would undoubtedly enhance METRO’s visibility. Other potential candidates include Bybit and OKX, but it is recommended to await the official announcement from the team to confirm the exchange.

Moreover, there are additional noteworthy events on the horizon, including a roadmap update scheduled for July and the launch of the first properties. This sets the stage for an exhilarating conclusion to Q2 2023 and an even more thrilling Q3 2023.

On top of the imminent exchange listing, in June, Metropoly will also launch 3 new properties on the platform for users to invest in. This adds to the total offerings and really grows Metropoly’s presence in the real estate market, and we can expect more such listings in the future. It’s only been a short while since Metorpoly launched and it already has managed to establish a large presence in the real estate world.

Metropoly Will Change the Real Estate industry

Metropoly has made impressive progress in the real estate industry by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology to provide fractional investment opportunities.

Notably, investors who participated in the Metropoly presale were granted membership into the exclusive Platinum Member’s Club, unlocking a multitude of enticing perks. These privileges include early access to the Metropoly Beta, offering a firsthand opportunity to explore the platform’s innovative features and functionalities. Additionally, Platinum Members were rewarded with a unique Metropoly NFT, adding a distinct digital asset to their collection. The level of benefits increases in accordance with the investment amount, with higher-tier investors gaining access to real estate NFTs valued at $10,000 and enjoying cashback on rental income.

Metropoly has generated significant excitement across various social media platforms, captivating attention with its array of advantages. Users are granted the opportunity to personally test the prototype platform, allowing them to directly experience its potential firsthand. To ensure the highest levels of security and reliability, the platform’s contract code has undergone thorough verification by SolidProof, instilling confidence in its functionality. Additionally, the identities of the team members have been verified by CertiK, further enhancing trust and credibility in the project.

Metropoly serves as a prime example of how blockchain technology can revolutionize the real estate industry, ushering in innovation and disrupting traditional practices. Through its user-friendly platform, Metropoly simplifies the complexities of the real estate market, eliminating bureaucratic hurdles and enabling individuals with varying investment amounts to participate. Whether someone possesses $100 or a substantial sum, Metropoly opens the doors for everyone to access the benefits of real estate investment.

The Metropoly marketplace will showcase properties from diverse global locations, accompanied by a leaderboard that showcases the ownership of real estate fractions, performance metrics, and dividends earned. It is essential to understand that the properties listed in the prototype are solely for illustrative purposes.

The launch of Metropoly version 3.0 beta has introduced numerous thrilling new features that have captured the attention of users. We highly recommend visiting the platform to witness firsthand how it is transforming the real estate industry.


Within a market known for its continuous fluctuations and volatility, real estate investment has consistently emerged as a profitable opportunity. However, the intricate nature of the industry has erected barriers, hindering the average individual from engaging in property investment.

To address this challenge, Metropoly, a blockchain-powered platform, strives to offer an inclusive and user-friendly solution for real estate investment. By enabling users to efficiently acquire properties from diverse global locations in a matter of minutes, Metropoly is poised to revolutionize the conventional realm of exclusive investments, democratizing access to real estate for individuals of all backgrounds.

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