MSFT Stock Slightly Up as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Teases Big Windows Updates at Build

MSFT Stock Slightly Up as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Teases Big Windows Updates at Build

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock had risen by $0.23 (0.09%) to trade around $251.95 during Wednesday’s pre-market session following the Build conference kick-off announcement by CEO Satya Nadella on significant Windows updates. The annual conference targets software developers and the announcement was made to attract key developers and keep the current interest in the company.

It is expected that such developments will encourage developers to continue creating and upgrading Windows apps in order to stay ahead of competition posed by rival companies with similar products.

CEO Nadella stated that the Windows updates would be the best of the company’s in the past decade and that they would be accompanied by greater opportunities for software creators and developers. Of note is that Nadella promised more grounds for new innovative developers with the zeal for the creation, distribution, and monetization of their software. The tweak in MSFT stock was attributed to Nadella’s optimism in the upcoming developments following his self-hosting of the upgrades for a couple of months.

Microsoft (MSFT) Stock and Product Updates

Microsoft’s expected updates are detailed in their Book of News, released at the annual conference. Some of the highlights include Azure Confidential Ledger which was built as a blockchain data storage service with tamper-off technology so that critical data is non-modifiable. Another is the Windows on Arm that enables developers to run Windows apps on Arm’s 64-bit processors rather than the conventional Intel systems.

Microsoft also anticipates starting recording video calls and chats on Azure Communication Services as an enhancement of the cloud calling tool. The tool, which was developed after remote working increased in the pandemic, is similar to MSFT Teams meant for remote coworker communication.

Additionally, the company intends to introduce background customization into Teams video conferences so that participants can view themselves in an integrated background. For instance, video-callers can see themselves as seated in a classroom even though they have their backgrounds. MSFT is working on developing more customized scenes in addition to video notes and audio translations.

Last but not least is the utilization of the GPT-3 model of artificial intelligence for code writing for non-technical people. It enables non-coders to describe functions that they would want in their app. Thereafter, selected software developers can give suggestions into the development of the app and the non-coder can choose one that they prefer.

Nadella’s announcement has seen further improved MSFT market performance having recorded +3.54%, -1.12%, +7.32%, and 13.17% in 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, and YTD respectively as per MarketWatch. Its annual stock up is estimated at 38.45% according to MarketWatch.


MSFT Stock Slightly Up as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Teases Big Windows Updates at Build

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