@NVK Launches PaysBitcoin.org To Track Companies Offering BTC Compensation

The page, which is part of Rodolfo Novak’s bitcointreasures.org website, tracks companies offering bitcoin-based salaries and bonuses.

As interest in bitcoin grows and more platforms roll out that make it simpler to acquire, secure and leverage, demand for compensation in BTC is on the rise as well. Documenting this rise in real time, Coinkite CEO Rodolfo Novak (aka @NVK) has launched paysbitcoin.org, a webpage tracking the major companies that offer compensation in bitcoin.

The resource is hosted as part of Novak’s other popular adoption tracking product, bitcointreasuries.org, which lists the major companies that have allocated part of their treasuries to BTC.

“I always assumed that there was a place where you could see, not a complete list, but some list of large holders of bitcoin that are not private entities,” Novak told Bitcoin Magazine in October 2020. “But I couldn’t find anything and I’m a lover of buying domains, so I just started putting [bitcointreasuries.org] together in the hopes it would create more FOMO for other companies.”

The same rationale seems to have guided the launch of paysbitcoin.org. On April 5, when Castle Island Ventures’ Nic Carter took to Twitter to suggest a version of bitcointreasuries.org that listed the companies that offer bitcoin compensation, Novak responded that he would spin it up and seek the data needed to populate it.

As of this writing, the website lists 25 companies, along with their headquarters locations, geographic hiring pools and more. As more companies around the world realize employee demand for compensation in a programmatically-sound, digitally-native, borderless form of money, this domain will be one to keep your eyes on.

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