China to socially blacklist Bitcoin miners in Inner Mongolia region

China’s crackdown on crypto mining could see offenders blacklisted from basic social and financial services if caught. China has ramped up efforts to quash cryptocurrency mining in its Inner Mongolia region by introducing new penalties for those caught engaging in the illegal activity. Officials unveiled new draft rules which would see harsher punishments applied to […]

Gamestop NFT Website Discovered With Hidden Easter Egg Retro Game

Following the infamous Wallstreetbets story a few months ago, the company Gamestop is doing much better than it did a year ago. Now a new website called indicates that the firm is dipping its feet into blockchain technology via non-fungible tokens built with Ethereum. ‘Power to the Players’ The publicly listed company Gamestop (Nasdaq: […]

First Phase of CoinWind’s Initial DEX Offering on MDEX.COM Sells Out in Ten Seconds

Singapore, 26 May, 2021 — CoinWind, a DeFi (decentralized finance) smart yield aggregator launched its $COW token today. In an initial DEX offering (IDO) launched on three platforms — MDEX, WeStarter and Helmet, the yield aggregator offered 3.24 million $COW tokens for sale. The listing was a huge success, with CoinWind tweeting to its 19K followers that the first phase […]

ETH’s Slow Transaction Speed Triggers Crypto Fans to Use XinFin

Coinspeaker ETH’s Slow Transaction Speed Triggers Crypto Fans to Use XinFin Ethereum being the first and original smart contract blockchain, as well as the leading altcoin following Bitcoin among crypto space, developers are frustrated with the transaction speed. Though Ethereum is one of the leading altcoins, the additional flood in gas fees and slower transactions […]

Robinhood IPO on Horizon with $30 Billion Valuation Expected

Coinspeaker Robinhood IPO on Horizon with $30 Billion Valuation Expected Robinhood Markets Inc, an America-based fintech company, has inched its way towards a $30+ billion IPO deal following immense growth in the past year. Its rapid development is attributed to its trading platform’s user-friendliness and simplicity, making it popular among the younger generation. Currently, it […]