Interoperability will determine CBDC winners and losers

To be first is to set the tone for the industry and control the space — a tactic otherwise known as the first-mover advantage. China has opened testing for its digital yuan. The excitement surrounding this project has electrified several major Chinese cities, as well as onlookers throughout the world. Most recently, Shenzhen launched its […]

Square’s Cash App briefly halts buying AMC and Nokia stock

“This was not Cash App’s decision – we disagree with this move wholeheartedly,” tweeted the service. Cash App, the Bitcoin-friendly mobile payments app from U.S. financial services firm Square, restricted buys from some of the stocks connected to the Wall Street shorts for more than four hours today. According to an announcement from Cash App, […]

Publicly-Listed Air Purifier Manufacturer Adds Dogecoin as a Form of Payment Amid Token’s Popularity

As the so-called ‘meme coin’ is actively making the headlines within the crypto sphere, a publicly-traded company is joining the dogecoin frenzy. Kronos Advanced Technology announced they’ll start accepting dogecoin as one of its payment methods. Kronos Also Accepts Other Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin and Ether According to the announcement, the Los Angeles-based firm is […]

Mark Cuban talks Bitcoin HODLers and blockchain stocks in recent AMA

“Stocks will be on the blockchain in the future,” predicted the billionaire. Jumping on the r/Wallstreetbets subreddit for an Ask Me Anything session recently, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared his thoughts on GameStop shorts, general investing, and various crypto-related topics. The billionaire said “the game is changing” when it comes to stocks, but encouraged […]