5 Best Platforms Where You Can Buy Dash in 2021

Dash is one of the first cryptocurrencies that was created shortly after the introduction of Bitcoin. It’s one of the five most private cryptocurrencies globally, providing consumers with a security level that traditional blockchain does not. Today, we take a look at where to buy Dash and what popular…

Bitcoin is a ‘masterpiece of monetary engineering’ Michael Saylor tells Austin Davis

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, applies his training in thermodynamics to Bitcoin in an exclusive interview with Bitcoin pioneer and futurist Austin Davis The financial and economic narratives surrounding Bitcoin (BTC) barely scratch the surface of what makes the digital asset so unique, according to Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.  In an exclusive interview with […]

Covid-19 has pushed Bank of Canada toward ‘digital looney’

The Canadian central bank would be a better steward of financial data than private stablecoin issuers, according to one deputy governor. The Bank of Canada is pushing ahead with digitizing its currency. In a speech today, BoC deputy governor Timothy Lane noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had accelerated the need to digitize cash. Lane said: “The […]