The Future Of Energy: Bitcoin Mining

“Time-series analysis (Stern, 1993, 2000) shows that energy is needed in addition to capital and labor to explain the growth of GDP. But mainstream economics research has tended to downplay the importance of energy in economic growth. The principal models used to explain the growth process (e.g. Aghion and Howitt, 2009) do not include energy […]

Encryption Startup Fhenix Raises $7 Million In Seed Funding

Fhenix, an Israel-based encryption startup dedicated to bringing fully homomorphic encryption to smart contracts, has announced it has raised $7 million in seed funding.  Fhenix has also stated that it will publicly launch its testnet early next year.  Fhenix Raises $7 Million  The news about the fundraise was revealed by Fhenix CEO Guy Itzhaki, revealing […]

Google paves way for AI-produced content with new policy

A subtle change to the description of Google Search’s helpful content system could very well be the beginning of a new era of content distribution on the internet. Something to be embraced or a pause for thought? On Sept. 16, Google updated the description of its helpful content system. The system is designed to help […]

How Bitcoin’s liveliness and vaultedness show the switch to hodling

Liveliness and Vaultedness are pivotal metrics in understanding the changes in the Bitcoin network. At their core, these metrics revolve around the concept of ‘coinblocks’. A recently introduced metric from Glassnode, coinblocks represent a specific quantity of Bitcoin associated with a particular time duration since its last movement or transaction. In simpler terms, it’s a […]