Can Crypto and CBDCs co-exist harmoniously?

As the crypto market continues to gather momentum, in spite of a couple of recent pull-backs, several governments around the world are in a race to be the first to release a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as if to compete against and eventually eradicate cryptocurrencies. Is this the case? Or could both co-exist harmoniously?  In […]

Announcing Coinbase’s successful transition to React Native

By Harry Tormey As of January 2021, the Coinbase iOS and Android apps have transitioned away from native development to React Native, and all mobile engineers are now collaborating in a single codebase. The transition from native to React Native did not happen overnight, and in the interest of helping those contemplating such a decision, we […]

RARI, GHST and MATIC trading starts May 17 – Deposit Now

Ethereum remains a driving force behind cryptocurrency innovation. In the last year, it has played host to an explosion in digital art and created a multi-billion dollar market. This has underlined the need for effective scaling solutions. To that end, Kraken is supporting three new… The post RARI, GHST and MATIC trading starts May 17 […]

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