CPI Announces Acquisition of ‘dVest Project’ and Portfolio; Plus Upcoming DeFi, DEX, and Index…

CPI Announces Acquisition of ‘dVest Project’ and Portfolio; Plus Upcoming DeFi, DEX, and Index Product Launches Company plans to embrace ‘dVest’ brand and promote the Crypto Price Index products alongside dVest CEX, DEX, DeFi dApps, and more. May 24th, 2021 — After a strong start to 2021 that included securing a new round of funding, CPI Dev Team, Ltd. […]

Titan Investment Bridges the Digital World With Blue-Chip Art

Titan Investment Limited (TITAN) is an innovative blockchain-based company incorporated in British Virgin Islands (BVI). Its parent holding company is Alphaseed Technology Ltd, a worldwide fintech firm located in Dubai. The company is multi-dimensional and technology-oriented as it represents a mix of blue chip assets as well as an art marketplace and tokenization platform called […]

SEC Chairman Highlights Importance of Being Ready for Crypto

Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), recently highlighted the importance of requiring federal regulators to be ready to protect customers against bad actors in the cryptocurrency industry. The statement was done during the 2021 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) annual conference, one of the premier events regulators and other financial service […]

Why Cryptocurrencies Continue to Gain Momentum

Just five years ago, much of the mainstream media, let alone the general public, didn’t know anything about the potential finance revolution that is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin had cultivated an enthusiastic but relatively small following since its inception in 2009, but since its emphatic price rise in…

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