Avoid hosted crypto wallets ‘at all costs,’ warns Elon Musk

One crypto wallet provider’s marketing interaction with Elon Musk has backfired with the Tesla CEO roundly criticizing the company. Freewallet, a hosted crypto wallet service known for offering standalone storage services for cryptocurrencies has seen its marketing attempt rebuffed by Elon Musk. Responding to Freewallet’s self-promotional message, Musk retorted: Any crypto wallet that won’t give […]

Central Bank of Nigeria Denies It Has Placed New Restrictions on Cryptocurrencies — Uses Debunked Claims to Justify New Directive

Following the outcry over the Central Bank of Nigeria’s latest directive that targets cryptocurrencies, the institution has reaffirmed its stance with another statement. In the latest five-page document, the CBN insists that this directive is intended to protect the country’s financial system from the “risks” that are associated with cryptocurrencies. Debunked Claims Still, the central […]

Post-Pandemic World: What Will Happen?

Lots of bad news to come. Since the beginning of coronavirus, many economies experienced shutdowns. As a result, most governments have taken measures to ease money supply including stimulus packages. And stimulus packages have inflated various asset prices. Now, let’s look at the post-pandemic world. Global Economic Crash When governments started to offer stimulus to their citizens, […]

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