Phemex Launches New Educational Platform: Allows Users to Learn & Earn Crypto

Phemex, the leading Singapore-based crypto exchange, has created a new educational platform that allows anyone to learn about cryptocurrencies, and earn free tokens by taking tests to confirm their new crypto knowledge.

Cryptos are only going to grow more popular from here. It has been a wild decade in the crypto markets, but they are more popular than ever.

While the price appreciation of cryptocurrencies has been a big news driver, the technology behind platforms like Ethereum or Polkadot really does have the ability to change how social structures work.

As NFTs have demonstrated, these technologies have applications that are extremely popular with a wide range of people, and can quickly turn into a sensation.

Phemex is working to educate people via an innovative new platform, so that people have a better understanding of what cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can do.

Phemex Learn & Earn is Here

The best thing about Phemex Learn & Earn is that it is a totally open platform, and doesn’t cost a thing to use.

People can start to learn more about cryptocurrencies, and if they don’t have any tokens, Phemex will reward them with free tokens when they take tests to confirm that they have spent time learning.

According to Phemex,

“We’ve simplified a variety of crypto, blockchain, and platform concepts into multiple courses and lessons with fun and easy-to-understand videos. At the end of each lesson, users can take a short quiz to test their knowledge. If all questions are answered correctly, you will receive a free reward in the form of trading bonuses or even some cryptos!”

Let’s be honest, there is a lot of hype in the crypto space – but very few companies are working to educate people on how cryptos and blockchain work. Phemex has set itself apart yet again with this program, and they will likely add more resources to it as time goes on.

A Massive Market

Bitcoin has been increasingly popular over the past year, and many major financial firms have entered the cryptocurrency space.

Even with the falls in crypto prices over the past few months, some firms that have bought large amounts of Bitcoin continue to make investments.

The message is clear: Bitcoin and other cryptos are only growing bigger from here.

At some point this will lead to a retail rush into the sector, and many, many people from around the world will be looking to add cryptos to their investment line up.

Educational resources are an important part of any market, and Phemex has stepped into the gap to help fill this lack of free crypto education.

More to Come From Phemex

Anyone who has followed Phemex knows the company offers a lot to its community.

It recently announced another giveaway,

“Between June 25 – July 2, users that complete all the required steps on the next official Gleam Campaign page (will be posted at a later date) will receive entries into a lucky draw.

On July 16 we will randomly select 20 qualified participants to reward them with $100 in trading bonuses each. Of course, the more entries you get, the more chances you have to be selected. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for more details to be announced later.”

If you are interested in keeping up on everything that Phemex has going on, you can follow the company on Twitter. Phemex has one of the fastest trading platforms in the cryptocurrency space, and offers its clients an amazing range of services.

For anyone that wants to learn more about cryptocurrencies, the Learn & Earn platform from Phemex is a great resource. Be sure to check it out, and earn some of the rewards Phemex is offering!

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