pNetwork Partnered With Algorand to increase interoperability!

On Wednesday, April 27, the CEO of the Algorand Foundation announced that Algorand have officially partnered with pNetwork to enable users of the Algorand network benefit from the cross-chain interoperability that the pNetwork offers.

The CEO, Sean Lee went further to mention that the collaboration is an exciting step in spurring a new finance model. The new Algorand x pNetwork collaboration ensures that tokens and assets on the Algorand network can be transferred across other blockchain networks.

Algorand intends to set up a financial model that is decentralized while still maintaining the values and benefits of traditional financial institutions. This model is seen by the Algorand team as the future of finance.

Algorand’s Roadmap to Achieving Interoperability

The Algo blockchain, which ensures swift and instant blockchain transaction executions operates with a proof-of-stake system rather than a proof-of-work system.  One of the objectives of the Algorand blockchain is to harmonize the traditional finance system with decentralization. The development of a financial system with such a structure has seen more adoption in recent times. More users welcome flexibility and innovation in the digital ecosystem.

The cross-chain setup requires a high level of liquidity for its goal to be achieved. In a decentralized system, liquidity is usually spread across various blockchain protocols that are independent of each other. The collaboration of Algorand with pNetwork implies that there will be interaction with more protocols, and as such, liquidity will be much higher. The cross-chain collaboration will prove to be advantageous to the Algorand network as well as users of the protocol.

The problem of cross-chain interoperability will be solved by means of pTokens bridges on the pNetwork. pTokens provide a simple and secure foundation that facilitates the mobility of crypto assets and NFTs across different blockchains.

At the moment, a lot of organizations are utilizing this powerful technology. Reports indicate that more than 750 organizations are already making use of this system and more organizations may follow suite soon.

One of the goals of Algorand is to create financial products that will be useful in years to come. The Algorand team has always been open to innovation and technological improvements.

In the blockchain and finance ecosystem, the pNetwork is currently the foundation of most of the cross-chain connections. The pToken, also known as PNT is the token of the ecosystem and at the moment, PNT is been widely used and adopted in more and more financial and blockchain ecosystems. PNetwork enables connections between different blockchain environments. These cross-chain connections have proved to be successful with time and has solved a few problems in the crypto space. Some of the blockchain networks that are supported by the pNetwork include Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, Ethereum, Dogecoin and the famous Binance Smart Chain.

It is expected that the launching of Algorand’s interoperable features via the pNetwork will be completed and effected later this year. One of the purposes of launching this new feature is to advance the blockchain industry. This advancement can be done by connecting innovative decentralized apps with the entire blockchain market.

According to Thomas Bernati, the partnership will give room for financial applications building on the Algorand blockchain to gain access to larger crypto markets. Algorand’s partnership with pNetwork will also help to expand the DeFi ecosystem. More users and builders will be freed from the chain restrictions currently available on the Algorand blockchain. Decentralized apps for lending and borrowing, as well as decentralized exchanges will experience a growth in the community size by means of the Algorand and pNetwork collaboration.

About pNetwork

pNetwork is the largest cross-chain system in the blockchain ecosystem. It enables users to send tokens and digital assets freely from one chain to another. It serves as a bridge between different blockchain networks. The pNetwork enables blockchain protocols to interact transparently. Popular blockchain protocols like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Binance Smart Chain can all be bridged by means of the pNetwork. Just like many other networks and frameworks in the blockchain space, the pNetwork is completely decentralized. The governance token in the pNetwork’s ecosystem is the PNT.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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