Poolz April Review And A Look At What’s In Store For May

Decentralized swapping protocol and cross-chain IDO platform, Poolz, had an eventful April in terms of the number of quality projects launched and improving community engagement. With Ethereum getting hotter by the day, it looks like May will be just as smashing as April was. 

The team tweeted:

“So much to come in May: 

More than 8 top-tier #IDOs 
Phase 2 of the New and Improved IDO Tier Structure 
@PancakeSwap Liquidity and Other Cross Chain Integrations
Poolz burning campaign. 

$POOLZ party has just begun.”

IDO Launch And A New Tier Structure

With the alt season right around the corner, Poolz is busy launching projects of quality. The platform launched successful IDOs such as Yellowroad, Deeper, XFai, Ares, Unifarm, and Rocket Vault. Poolz has thus demonstrated itself to be valuable and trustworthy in an ever-evolving launchpad space. 

Poolz launched a New and Improved IDO Tier Structure to challenge the existing standards of the launchpad world, inspiring the level at which the space is at currently. The platform also noticed that as the demand for IDOs increased, the barriers increased as well. 

This made it difficult for the community to enter the IDOs. Poolz implemented a rolling tier structure to help this situation immediately. Users can now increase their lottery chances and the size of their potential allocations for each $POOLZ staked. 

Top 100 Leaderboard, MXC Partnership, & Poolz Ventures

Poolz also released a leaderboard for their top hundred holders, creating more engagement in the community. The top spots were heavily contested, thus validating the value the community saw in the platform. 

Decentralized exchanges have offered the crypto space an important dynamic and centralized (CEX) listings provide a project its success as well. Poolz wants to support the success of the projects it launches along with that of its investors. 

The partnership with MCX, a renowned centralized exchange, was made to ensure the projects supported by Poolz are listed on exchanges in a fast and efficient manner. The platform also established Poolz Ventures.

It provides projects that utilize the platform with select projects that are more than a renowned IDO. The company claims,

“From technical expertise to filling advisory positions to raising funds prior to public sale, Poolz has far more of a hands on approach than the competition.“

More IDOs, Phase 2 Of New IDO Tier Structure

Poolz continues to select prime projects. The platform announced multi-tier projects for the month, including NFTFY, Polkarare, Polkally, NetVRk, Singularity DAO, True P&L, and Freela. As soon as the LFG Staking Pool is unlocked, Poolz will switch to a snapshot-based whitelisting process. 

Poolz wants its community to have more freedom with the tokens they own. The current system requires staking for IDO participation. Instead, Poolz will now reward staking for participation. It will also allow holders of $POOLZ to participate in IDOs too. 

Pancakeswap Liquidity, Poolz Parties, And More

Poolz will be implementing a system to incentivize $POOLZ holders to add liquidity to Pancakswap. Poolz will be adding liquidity too, and liquidity providers, stakers, and token holders will be able to participate in future Poolz IDOs. The platform will also be developing integrations with other prominent blockchain networks. 

A Poolz Party is a select IDO that provides allocations to a more significant portion of the community or reserves allocations for members who haven’t been lucky enough to whitelist in past IDOs. To improve its fairness model, it will make Poolz Parties a regular occurrence. 

There are more CEX listings to be announced aimed at helping the adoption of $POOLZ tokens and provide launched projects with a fast-track towards CEX listings after conducting their IDOs. 

Poolz also aims to educate its community on projects they are partnering with by doing AMAs. 

The AMAs are based on select projects conducting their IDOs on Poolz; the team has already started one with NFTFY and another with Polkarare. All in all, Poolz is on its way to establishing itself as a premier launchpad in the crypto space.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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