Problems of the US Air Force and How BLOCKS, DAO Seeks to Solve Them in Partnership with BizSecure

The aviation industry has experienced a colossal increase in fraud-related activities, from the falsification of flight hours to falsifying training records for personal gains, absence of a proper tracking tool, errors and inaccuracies in medical records, and most recently, the falsification of vaccination records across the world, the industry has become breeding ground for all kinds of egregious activities. 

Identifying these problems, BLOCKS, DAO LLC, a project designed primarily to lead the migration of traditional systems and organizations to blockchain technology, has recently announced, via a press release, its partnership with BizSecure, a privacy-focused blockchain company. The idea behind this collaboration is to devise a solution to these aforementioned problems, in the process reducing the threat to national security while promoting a secure and transparent system. 

Using Secure, Private Technology to Establish Verifiable Credentials for Pilots’ Test Flight Cards 

BLOCKS DAO, in partnership with BizSecure, propound the use of secure, private technology to establish a verifiable credential for pilots’ Flight Cards. According to the press release, this would work in the form of a mobile application pilot can download to either request or present information. 

The goal of BLOCKS, as a decentralized autonomous organization, is to propel the adoption of blockchain based systems on domestic and international airports across the world. Introducing DAO which was created to eliminate the need for a third party into governments will see a system where decisions are made automatically and executed once smart contracts based on predetermined principles have been fulfilled. 

Banking on the core principles of DAO—transparency, honesty, preservation of individual’s identity, and accountability, BLOCKS’ decision to launch a decentralized organization in consortium with BizSecure is born out of necessity, taking into consideration its objectives and the inherent ability to boost customer confidence and trust in the industry. 

BLOCKs aims at helping traditional industries like aviation segue to the blockchain transaction without infringing on any existing law. 

Integrating DAO into Traditional Industries 

With more people paying attention to data privacy and protection, this integration of DAO into verifiable credentials will foster indispensable self-sovereignty, assuring the end-user of total protection. 

Utilizing verifiable credentials and the BLOCKS smart contracts, this partnership will see these companies create and submit flight related automated immutable digital records. . 

Per the press release, BLOCKS, BizSecure will work closely with Air Force Pilots to create a plan that not only simplifies the process but guarantees an amazing user experience. Prioritizing simplicity and a beginner-friendly interface, these teams will work to deliver a solution that creates schemas and verifiable credentials for these Flight Cards that will then be duly verified by BLOCKS smart contracts before  approval. 

“BizSecure is excited to work alongside BLOCKS, DAO LLC to bring blockchain innovation to Federal and State governments, and to continue making history together” Alfonso Arana

Integrating DAO into this industry in collaboration with BizSecure will enable pilots to submit Flight Cards within the BizSecure digital wallet, which will then be sent for approval, then verified on the blockchain at each step of the way. With this contract secured through CSO [Commercial Solutions Opening]; a merit-based selection system for the Department of Defense [DoD] to acquire innovative technologies or services capable of proliferating future advances in the technology space, BLOCKS and BizSecure strive to create a world where digital verification of Flight Cards, as a vital way moving off chain data to chain to preserve data integrity

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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