Project Rundown interview with DuelBits

Hello and thank you for taking the time to sit down with us today. First of all, could you please give us a rundown of the most important things about DuelBits?

Most importantly Duelbits offers transparency & great user satisfaction. From a 24/7 live support to rake-back, to our up-coming VIP system, users are definitely satisfied as we offer more than just a Casino to gamble on alongside our wonderful supportive community.

Now, could you tell us about your accomplishments so far, and in the history of the DuelBits, please tell us what you are most proud of.

Duelbits started off with a very small team, at the beginning, there were no slots, live games or even live blackjack tables when we launched we only had Duelbits originals which were Roulette & Dice Duel, we’ve now expanded our team and site to major achievements, we now have a 24/7 operating Live Support team, email responses under an hour, 24/7 chat moderators in chat & most importantly, we now offer over 1,000 slots and Live Games to enjoy!

What makes DuelBits unique, compared to your competitors?

Duelbits is unique because it’s tailored for the user in mind, with our above-the-edge Rakeback, our glorious VIP System where Ace (our Mascot) takes care of his clients and customized VIP Programs based on the player — we’re the place High Rollers want to roll, especially with our instant cashouts.

Now, give us a quick rundown of the future of the project. For example, what new things are you seeking to bring to life and what will it mean for the overall project?

At Duelbits, we’re not slowing down with updates, in fact, we’re only getting faster in releasing them. Our next major update will be a brand new VIP system rewarding our people for playing on Duelbits and giving them perks such as; Improved Rake-back, level up bonuses, raw cash & much more! Our VIP Lounge will be the highlight of Duelbits and what sets us apart from competitors.

Tell us about your team. Who’re the people behind the screens?

Duelbits consists of people all over the world that are dedicated to the project. We can happily say we’re operating under a 24/7 Live Support chat, a very fast email response team, a VIP manager that high rollers have access to and pro-active employees that never ignore user feedback. Our mission is to always reach user satisfaction at its peak.

Which partnerships have you engaged so far, and which ones are the most impactful?

Duelbits offers everyone a chance to be sponsored, from chefs to gamers and even models! We’ve engaged in hundreds of partnerships over Twitch, YouTube & other platforms but our most fun collaborations are most definitely big bonus buys.

If people would like to follow you on your social media pages, visit your website or read your important documents like your white paper, what are the links they need to visit? Please list them below.

Thank you so much for your time! Do you have anything to add before we finish?

We have a very exciting VIP system coming out very soon, by the time this article is out it might have already been launched. So I’d like for you guys to mention it, please.

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