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Investment is a key to the acquisition of durable wealth is. To increase your wealth, you not only need to work hard alone but you need to invest wisely. Hotei Energy B.V. provides a platform for investment and in a unique way to do that by using cryptocurrency.

With Blockchain technology continual promotion of projects all around us and especially after the advent of the market crushing and economy destabilizing pandemic on the planet, the decentralization of a large number of productive sectors have been carried out by blockchain technology; This is possible thanks to the inclusion that allows the blockchain to connect users from all over the world to contribute to causes that they find appealing and favorable to them and much more that can generate employment opportunities, an increase in income, a side income and effective solutions for users. Such is the case of the company Hotei Energy BV.

What is Hotei Energy B.V.?

Hotei Energy B.V. is a company based in Rokin, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. With a team that has more than 10 years of experience in the oil industry and much of the energy industry.

Hotei Energy B.V. is the energy Company that conceived all of its investment and capital operations on cryptocurrency.

They provide their investors with an innovative tool that comes from an understanding of the high potential of the global crypto market and they intend to provide a lucrative return from the production of a real, stable and modern energy business.

Basically, Hotei Energy B.V. relies on the blockchain and they offer a share of the company to willing investors via the use of a token they call HES (Hotei Energy Share Token). With the acquisition of this token, a percentage of participation is deemed to the buyer. This allows the buyer who is now considered an investor, a level of participation in the protection which is carried out through profitable actions which are aimed to be sustainable from the development of technology and tools that can provide a workable solution in energy matters as listed below:

– Eco-meters

– Drilling, milling and calibrating bits.

– Tools for BHA

– Directional drilling | Geosteering

– Completion Sensors

– Drill and completion Pipes

– Hot oil trucks

– Wireline services

– Services of coiled tubing

– Drilling equipment

– Workover equipment

– Reservoir studies

– Monitoring and optimization of production behaviour of wells and production fields.

How Transparent Is Hotei Energy B.V.?

Hotei Energy B.V. is a top company when it comes to offering services based on the application of disruptive technologies to offer energy solutions.

Hotei Energy B.V. raises the standardization and visualization of data in real-time by using the WIT SML, which is used to exchange technical data between organizations within the oil industry

Hotel Energy B.V. is also based on Blockchain and with this it offers, new and intending users a kind of integration which offers transparency in management and as well as operation of the invested resources. This has never been done in the world of Cryptocurrency and energy.

More so, for the investment made by an investor, an investment certificate is issued which make the investor the creditor of a certain percentage of participation in the project.

Hotei Energy B.V. also offers its token holders contracts based on the international legislation which put in details the regulatory framework and the spectrum of the action of their investments. This us to detach themselves from working around illegal activities. This prompts the company to publish account statements and the origin of funds regularly. This is to show security and transparency.

Profitability of Hotei Energy B.V

As stated earlier, Hotei Energy B.V. is the first of its kind in the energy sector and the Crypto world. They offer you investment into the company through the purchase of their token share, HES.

As an investor, you own a percentage of share in the company This lines you up to a percentage income as much as the company earns.

As a token holder, you are eligible for monthly earning for billing or service provision. This is made available through the creation of tools and technologies in the field of energy. When the company attends to its tax duties, workers salaries and maintenance and investment, the surplus income will be distributed to the accounts of the token holders (HES) with attention to the level of participation of the users and immediately made available for withdrawals without any restrictions.

This makes the profitability scheme of the Hotei Energy B.V. a very sustainable one for years.

Real-World Activities

Hotei Energy B.V. engages in real-world activities. With several years in the energy sector and with an open view of providing solutions such as clean energy and renewable energy.

Hotei Energy B.V. is a company that engages in real-life activities with a number of workers who daily bring about real, stable and modern energy.

Hotei Energy B.V. also leverages cryptocurrency as operating capital. They also sell HES , a token, with which they collect funds to hire top professionals in the field of energy, buy and develop technology and tools which they use in offering energy services around the world.

Qualified Team

Hotei Energy B.V. has a team of qualified and highly professional people who are in charge of this project. They constantly keep in touch with clients through social networks to keep them in touch and updated when on the project route with a view of leaving no one behind.

This team of people have acquired more than 10 years of experience in both their academic and professional career and specifically in the area of hydrocarbon. More professionally, they offer an international legal framework which is based on international legislation.

Stock Token

The priority of Hotei Energy B.V. is to get quick, clear and transparent results and for this reason, the distribution of the capital is according to cooperative interest. As a result, the token structure is duly spelt out and as well their impact on fund allocations.

– Cost of 1 Hotei Energy Share Token (HES) = 1 USD

– Hotei Energy Share Token total volume 10,000,000 HES

– Secure way to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT).

– Term of token sale: Hotei Energy share token will be sold for the period required to reach the minimum amount for the operational and administrative company start, after the start process, Hotei Energy B.V. has a grace period (6 months) to report payments to their investors, most users will be able to reward permanent, stable and profitable earnings from the monthly global billing after the first monthly payment to users, they can request to sell total or partially their share token participation.

It is paramount when making any investment in cryptocurrencies to pay attention to the key aspects that are related to the distribution of assets.

Hotei Energy B.V. stock token comes at a relatively cheap price of 1HES = 1 USD

In other words, Hotei Energy B.V. is equalled to 1 US Dollar.

It has a total volume of 10,000, 000 HES and a minimum purchase of 25 HES = 25 USD

A maximum Purchase of 9,999 HES = 9,999 USD

However, users who would like to purchase above 9,999 HES will compulsorily have to fill out a form which is required through an exhaustive review which is to detect any fraudulent activity.

Hotei Energy B.V. enables investors to have control over their investments with the possibility to withdraw their funds at any point in time they wish to stop being an investor member. However, the procedure for this is specified after the expiration of the established periods which is a signed contract.

With plans to go to the stock market, an investor could sell his token for as much as 10 times his investment when he decides to not continue with the program. This shows the flexibility of the program and as well as the profitability and uniqueness with the use of cryptocurrencies.

Passive Income

Hotei Energy B.V. gives you a platform to earn a passive monthly income as an investor using blockchain technology.

Hotei Energy is an already established company with about 10 years of experience in the oil and energy sector with capable and qualified professionals that advance the energy sector by providing energy solutions.

Hotei Energy B.V. is the first company in the world that conceived its investment and operating capital as solely based on cryptocurrencies. You need not work there, you only need to partner with the company by investing in cryptocurrency which is known as HES. By buying these tokens, you’re awarded a percentage stake in the company and as the company earns, you earn, passively.

Hotei Energy B.V. offers investors the opportunity to capitalize on the goal as they offer energy solutions to the world while as an investor, you earn passively using the platform of cryptocurrency.

In a constantly changing world that constantly and increasingly promotes the adoption of inclusive new ideas and technologies, the company Hotei Energy B.V, is presented as a great bailout and platform when it comes to obtaining a return on your investment on a long term basis since the transparent philosophy of its operation makes you fully aware of your earnings and the scope of the business at all times and this contribution will offer the possibility of improved energy services which will serve a benefit to many people all around the world apart from increasing the value of your portfolio and earning and wealth status.

Investing in Hotei Energy BV is gives you that opportunity to not just have a passive side income but also be able to do worthwhile for the world you’d be part of the company that produces clean and better of energy for the world to use.

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