SafeMoon CEO is out on bail but could lose his lawyers

SafeMoon CEO Braden John Karony is out on a $3 million bond but his lawyers want to exit, claiming he hasn’t paid his legal bills.

The CEO of bankrupt crypto firm SafeMoon, Braden John Karony, has been released on bail but could be left in the hands of a public defender due to a “lack of funds to pay for private counsel.”

John Karony has been embroiled in an alleged “multimillion-dollar international fraud scheme,” with the Justice Department charging Karony and his colleagues with securities, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy in November.

However, his lawyers — Petrillo Klein + Boxer — have been looking to withdraw as John Karony’s counsel as early as Jan. 22, citing the SafeMoon CEO has an “apparent lack of funds” to pay for private counsel.

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