Shrimpy: Introducing a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Resource Center

“I generally find it hard to understand the blockchain concept. Not that I don’t know what it is but putting everything together and ending up with a decentralized ledger seems quite challenging. You have to understand a lot of concepts and this just gets you into more confusion”. Well, those were the sentiments of a random Reddit user on blockchain technology two years ago.

Sentiments such as these come as no surprise. The blockchain council also admits that it takes hard work to learn blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is the invisible and world-changing innovation that formed the basis for decentralized finance and decentralized applications. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to understand it. To succeed, the blockchain industry needs the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria, and this is exactly what Shrimpy offers to the world.

Shrimpy Academy

Shrimpy Academy is an educational platform from Shrimpy that collects pure educational materials on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology from across the internet and presents them in a seamless, intuitive, and understandable format.

Why did Shrimpy create the Academy? Because they realized that the content found within the industry offers (most of the time) subjective, deceptive, or poorly organized content. The situation makes it difficult for users to comprehend the inner workings of blockchain technology.

Shrimpy Academy thus acts as a special portal that helps users to jumpstart their decentralized education by overcoming the previously described issues.

In a nutshell, Shrimpy Academy is a free educational resource platform providing blockchain and cryptocurrency users with high-quality content about this disruptive innovation.

Who Does Shrimpy Academy Target?

The team behind Shrimpy Academy perceives blockchain technology as a disruptive innovation to industries across the world and the minds of those who come across it. The technology is filled with strange concepts that are difficult to understand even for advanced users. It is perceived as a mysterious technology that is not meant for the average person; however, Shrimpy Academy aims to change that.

Whether you have just heard about blockchain and cryptocurrencies or have been part of the industry for some time, Shrimpy Academy is here for you. It is an intuitive platform for crypto enthusiasts at all levels and is here to make a difference in their crypto journey.

How Shrimpy Makes Crypto Fundamentals More Understandable

Shrimpy Academy is built on the acknowledgment that cryptocurrency concepts have different levels of complexity. Users need a structured information layout that makes it possible for them to navigate from one level to another. As a result, the Shrimpy website divides content based on difficulty levels, with beginner, intermediate, and expert level content.

Beginners can start their path by exploring basic concepts. The beginner’s guide section contains all the basics and comprehensive explanations about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, trading, and investing.

The website also provides categories of specific sectors in the crypto space so that users can venture directly into their areas of interest. Some of the categories available include Bitcoin and Blockchain, Altcoins, Ethereum, DeFi, Exchanges, and Trading.

Shrimpy Academy’s Unique Programs

Shrimpy Academy is committed to its mission of helping people grow as much as possible in the competitive market. Its resources even include special programs to provide users with objective insights about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Lesson-Based Content

The platform plans to make learning much more manageable by further providing users with lesson-based content. The approach mimics the traditional learning method, where huge chunks of content are reduced into sizable, more relevant, and enjoyable content pieces.

Mastering Decentralized Finance (Mastering DeFi)

Shrimpy has launched its free educational platform with a comprehensive amalgamation of resources relating to the innovative new sector of decentralized finance.

Mastering DeFi is a free ebook that Shrimpy has shared to celebrate the launch of Shrimpy Academy. The 28-page handbook aims to acquaint readers with decentralized finance, which may as well be the next revolutionary wave in the blockchain industry.

The ebook assists readers with understanding the technology behind decentralized finance, decentralized exchanges, governance, lending, flash loans, yield farming, and every other major DeFi product.

After completing Mastering DeFi, readers reach the same level as advanced DeFi veterans. Interested users can find the ebook at


From its inception in 2018, Shrimpy has been monumental to cryptocurrency investors. The platform has been providing crypto enthusiasts with portfolio management solutions in its bid to help them thrive. Fast forward to 2021, and Shrimpy is improving its support system for the crypto community by onboarding newcomers via a completely new educational platform.

The cryptocurrency community comprises investors at different levels and with distinct levels of understanding of the industry. Portfolio management solutions support more of the advanced investors and some intermediate users. Shrimpy is now creating a system that will cater to all, including beginners in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The Shrimpy Academy onboards beginners into the sector and helps them grow and understand the disruptive market. Once the beginners understand the basics, they can move to the intermediate stage and dive deeper into investing and trading and other technical aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Eventually, they become veterans and have the opportunity to give back to the industry by utilizing their newly gained knowledge.

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