StarSharks Warriors Is The First Of Five Games Coming To The Shark Metaverse On BSC

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StarSharks solidifies its position in the NFT-GameFi ecosystem by launching its first of five play-to-earn games. StarSharks.

Warriors is a turn-based card game that will help unlock the full liquidity of NFT assets within this metaverse. 

Building the shark metaverse will involve the deployment of five different games under the StarSharks banner.

The first game on this list is StarSharks.Warriors, a turn-based card game with rent-to-play and play-to-earn elements to unlock the full liquidity of non-fungible tokens that reside in this ecosystem.

The objective of StarSharks.Warriors, which can be obtained from the project’s homepage, is to have players eliminate the sharks of their opponents.

All sharks in the game are NFTs that can be sued for battling, raising, and synthesizing. The game caters to both novice players and industry veterans through a combination of simple combat rules and skill mechanisms to keep content fresh and engaging. 

In the combat game, players will collect components, including Shark body parts, attributes, genes, skill cards, and species. In addition, every player has six randomly allotted skill cards, regardless of whether they play in PvE or PvP mode.

The PvE mode includes an adventure-oriented campaign and will undergo constant changes based on community feedback.

The developers of StarSharks.Warriors aim to introduce a training mode in a future game iteration. That training mode will make it easier for novice players to get acquainted with the game.

In-game matchmaking will occur based on player rankings to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

The developers will deploy four more games under the StarSharks banner. However, players can seamlessly move their Shark NFTs between the different games, providing more utility to these non-fungible tokens.

Moreover, the games will feature a rent-to-play feature for those who cannot afford a StarSharks NFT. It is an essential part of unlocking the full liquidity of these assets.

StarSharks raised $4.8 million in private funding from investors, including Binance Labs, Labs. KuCoin Labs, and others.

Additionally, the project secured a strategic investment from Binance Labs before the private round, confirming the overall interest in building the shark metaverse on the Binance Smart Chain. 

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